Author: Aicx

CES 2016: ReSound

  How many of you remember seeing a grandfather or grandmother with large unattractive hearing aids? Well over the years technology has gotten smaller and more powerful and at CES 2016 I was introduced to ReSound and interviewed their Chief Audiology Officer Laurel Christiansen PhD. This smart, innovative and advanced hearing aid has reinvented the hearing aid industry by driving and defining the future of hearing care. Their LiNX2 (links squared) is the world’s first full family of “Made for iPhone” hearing aids that allow you to personally tailor your sound preferences based on the different listening environments. Know...

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CES 2016: Diet Sensor

  There are many people who have to watch their diet carefully and those who are just trying to stay healthy by maintaining their weight. While at CES2016 I had the opportunity to interview Remy Bonnasse, the CEO of Diet Sensor. After his child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes he created the Diet Sensor, an automated diet tracker and coach. This Bluetooth-connected molecular sensor that uses infrared spectroscopy to calculate the chemical breakdown of each food or liquid. The Diet Sensor will calculate for you what you should have more of or what you should cut out based...

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CES 2016: 4Moms

For all the Moms’s out there who have to transport their children in the car, I found the car seat that will make your life easier. I interviewed Mara McFadden, the Director of Product Management at 4Moms, about their innovative car seat. Through the use of robotics and innovative design, they are disrupting and redefining juvenile and baby gear industry. Their self-installing car seat uses accelerometers, magnet sensors, force sensors and control software to assure child safety. They also have a power folding stroller and the mamaRoo® infant seat that mimics the bouncing movement and swaying that parents make...

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