Antoine Auberton
Co-Founder, Enlaps

Have you ever seen time-lapse photography?
Did you ever think that you could create a time lapse photo yourself?

Well, my next guest is another small French startup called Enlaps and I sat down with their Co-Founder Antoine Auberton to find out exactly how their product works.

When taking time-lapse photos you have three major obstacles, battery life, storage and processing. Enlaps removes all three with their product TIKEE. Tikee uses web-enabled software to merge images from its two fisheye lenses and creates instant time lapse photos that can easily be shared online.

The camera’s offer a 230 degree panoramic view that also allow for pan and zoom functions. This project is currently being funded on Kickstarter through mid January 2016 and the expect date of delivery of product to the US is September 2016.

Check out Enlaps below, and keep listening to Craig Peterson’s Tech Talk.




Antoine Auberton-Herve is the co-founder of Enlaps a solution for shooting beautiful time-lapse photographs. An entrepreneur from Grenoble France he studied at the Grenoble Ecole de Management. Prior to his latest endevor he worked for SOITEC, Thales and Brooks Automation. He is fluent in three languages.

An innovative startup from France, Enlaps makes photographic time lapses possible for the professional and novice alike with TIKEE. Enlaps is a 2015 nominee for the prestigious CES Innovation Award for Digital Imaging. TIKEEis a unique, complete, plug-and-play time-lapse solution, from initial photography to final product sharing over the web. Thanks to the product’s constantly recharging solar battery, TIKEE can remain in continuous – practically infinite – use; and thanks to the magic of cloud storage there are no memory card limitations in play.

TTWCP-850 Antoine Auberton

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Airing Date: January 23, 2016

Craig Peterson: There’ve been a lot of problems with time lapse photography over the years not the least of which is the battery is kind of lasting long enough to take the pictures that all cameras are really capable of doing it and now we have web enhancement tied in to all of this. So we’re gonna talk right now about Enlaps. E-N-L-A-P-S. Or A little bit about what you’re doing with that, Antoine welcome.

Antoine Auberton: Thank you Craig.

Craig: So let’s talk a little bit about this. You’re trying to make, or you have made a camera that is designed for time lapse photography.

Craig: So let’s talk a little bit about this. You’re trying to make, or you have made a camera that is designed for time lapse photography.

Antoine: Yeah, today there are 3 main constraints when you want to do amazing time lapses. The first one is batteries because after a few hours regular, you can’t do it, you have to replace the batteries. The other problem is the memory stick, memory card storage limit. The last one you can’t leave the camera outdoor. You need to have a camera which is weatherproof. That’s why we have developed Tikee, which is a self-sufficient product, thanks to solar. Also connected through Wi-Fi, 3G through web app. And also weatherproof. So you can leave it in a wonderful place in order to take a time lapse.

Craig: It helps to have some sun, right? For the solar charge?

Antoine: You need a minimum of sun, but without any sun, you can last 1 week but picture every 10 minutes so it’s pretty good.

Craig: Very nice. So it’s kind of a square box, we’re looking at it. We’ve got the lens on it. And how can I configure that? Do I use my phone?

Antoine: It’s really easy. We have a web app which is on your smartphone or your computer which is really user-friendly. Our app lets you choose which is the right dial meters. So you can do it through Bluetooth when you are close to the product. Also Wi-Fi or 3G on your computer. Or you can remotely set up the camera.

Craig: Alright. And can you watch it then remotely as well? Making sure everything is still aimed properly and…

Antoine: Yes. Editing and also the time lapse is created automatically on a web app. So you can just click to share it with your friends or your community.

Craig: Now you mentioned off the air a couple of reasons people typically use time lapse. One is to watch construction. You’re gonna also obviously in the spring you can see the flowers come out and other types of things. Are those kind of the common applications for it?

Antoine: Yes this is some very interesting applications. Everybody have seen some amazing sunrise or sunsets. Clouds movement, events with crowd movements. You will be able to watch, to do that with your Tikee very easily.

Craig: Very nice.

Antoine: From picture shooting to web sharing. All the steps.

Craig: You can go online at Enlaps, Is that the right place?

Antoine: Yes. And we are also on Kickstarter. So you can have a look on our page. There is a lot of information you can get on our Kickstarter page. Just type Kickstarter Enlaps and you will get a lot of things.

Craig: Alright, Enlaps, E-N-L-A-P-S. Thanks for being with us today.

Antoine: Thanks a lot Craig.

Craig: Alright, take Care.

Twitter: @Enlaps_Live