Rex Chen
Founder and CEO

Once in a while a company shows up that has a technology that can disrupt the market with high quality smart home technology aimed directly at consumers. Although you may not have heard of this company this team has been manufacturing and supplying private and OEM brands to some of the largest chains in the US.

I spoke with Rex Chen, the CEO of TikTeck at CES, to discuss what they brought to the show. Their initial products under their own name include a smart lightbulb whose color and brightness can be varied that only cost $9.99 an unbelievable value and along with their companion app that will let you manage or adjust settings through a mesh connectivity for up to 128 bulbs with single device. Additionally they have introduced a small telepresence robot aimed at enterprise communication and a home security solution.

Chen tells Tech Talk they plan on introducing more than 10 new products in 2016. Watch for this company and keep listening to Craig Peterson’s Tech Talk.




Founder Rex Chen are no strangers to the consumer electronics market. For the last 10 years his team has been at the helm of KeeProduct, a leading designer and manufacturer supplying private brand/OEM electronics for Walmart, Argos, Tesco, and many more.

Using his experience and manufacturing assets, Chen is now launching TikTeck to undercut big brand electronics companies by offering the same latest and greatest, high-quality gadgets at a fraction of the cost.

TikTeck (booth #31920), the brand new company aiming to disrupt the consumer electronics industry with severely discounted/high-quality smart home solutions/gadgets aimed directly at consumers. The company will launch three introductory products at the show: a sub-$10 Smart Lightbulb, a teleconference robot (MSRP $499), and an RC car-mounted camera for home security (or just for fun!).

TikTeck owns its own manufacturing facility and has more than 600 employees. Its product range includes iPhone & iPod Speakers, DAB Radios, Phone Accessories, Smart Wearable Products, Smart Home Series, Smart Pet Series, and so on.

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