Frank Edelblut
Candidate for Governor
NH Representative for Hillsborough 38

Frank is running to be the Governor of the State of New Hampshire. The Primary election is on Tuesday, September 13.

I asked Frank to come on and discuss some the Tech issues that affect the residents of New Hampshire. We were once only 2nd to Silicon Valley in California for the number of high-tech jobs. There is plenty of high-tech talent here.

Frank Edelblut is a New Hampshire business professional and politician serving elected in 2014 representing the people of Hillsborough County District 38. There he is part of three committees; the Finance Committee, Special Committee on Pensions and the Child and Family Law Committee. Additionally, he serves in his town government as the Water Commissioner for the Town of Wilton. Now, a 2016 Republican candidate for Governor of New Hampshire. He is the father of 7.

After graduation from college, his career began as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) serving as a CPA auditor for a variety of businesses. He then briefly served as CFO for Niagara Corp, a previous PwC client. Then he started his own business, Control Solutions. He sold Control Solutions to Altran in 2009. In 2013 he began his early stage investing company.

As we talked, we found many commonalities with our families, friends and business contacts. We talked about Tech Employment in New Hampshire and how to keep our STEM graduates here. We spoke of the strengths of NH Manufacturing and how we are making strides in that area. We briefly discussed the problem with H1B and how it is displacing NH high-tech workers.

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