Chuck Frizelle
CEO, Coros

In preparation for our Olympic coverage, I began looking for technologies that our athletes could use to improve their training. If you have been listening to me or watching me on Facebook live, you know that I wear bone conduction headphones when I am in the studio. This type of headphone leaves my ears open allowing me to hear my producer through my ear and conduct the show without interruption.

My research led me to Coros wearables. I contacted Chuck Frizzle their CEO who told me that his company focuses on connecting action sports and mobile lifestyles. So how does his company fit into the Olympics, what technology can they offer athletes? In September they are introducing their LINX bike helmet. This helmet utilizes the same bone conduction technology that I use. When riders make use of this technology they can not only listen to their music, take calls, receive navigation prompts and access their ride data but they have their ears open to traffic and their other noises in their immediate surroundings. This will allow them to be a safer rider while training at an elite level.

The LINX helmet is available on Kickstarter in September at at 50% discount.

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Former Microsoft, Xbox, Jawbone, Plantronics executive Chuck Frizelle has spearheaded a number of successful start-up ventures and brands. As president and co-founder of Coros Wearables, he is focused on growing the Redmond, WA startup into a sports tech powerhouse to connect action sports and mobile lifestyles. The company is launching is smart cycling helmet LINX on Kickstarter in September.

Coros Wearables Inc. is a start-up at the intersection of active sports and technology. We make high-tech sports gear to enrich people’s active lifestyles, providing more enjoyable, social, safe, and performance-boosting outdoor sports and recreational experiences. Coros™ is headquartered in Redmond, WA, the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.