Andy Shelton
Applied Sport Scientist, Kitman Labs

With Elite training comes injury. I interviewed Andy Shelton, an Applied Sports Scientist at Kitman Labs about what they are doing to optimize the elite and college athletes worldwide by intervening before injuries ever occur.

During the 2008 Olympic games 10% of athletes were hurt, and 50% of those, were so injured that they could not compete. At Kitman Labs they help teams and athletes know when it’s okay to push for performance, and when to back off due to a risk of injury. Both Over-training and under-training can both ruin an Olympic hopeful’s dream.

Technology now makes this easy – We use advances in motion capture to make accurate biomechanical assessment portable and fast.

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Andy Shelton has an MSc in Sports Science from Loughborough University, which focused on predictive markers of injury and performance in professional sport. He is currently an Applied Sports Scientist at Kitman Labs, having previously been the Head of Sports Science at Leicester Tigers Rugby Club.

Kitman Labs is committed to the evolution of sports performance. Through advanced statistical analysis, rigorous scientific research and unparalleled industry experience, our technology embodies the cutting edge of injury prevention technology. Our Athlete Optimization System is used by elite professional and college teams worldwide to identify high­ risk athletes and intervene before injuries ever occur. </>