[02-22-17] The WGAN Morning News

  Joined Ken and Matt to talk more about why Google self-driving car employees quit. The gig could have been too good for them, that they actually founded self-driving companies of their own. Also, with the rise of autonomous technology, Google’s very own...
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[02-21-2017] WTAG – Craig Peterson

    Joined Jim Polito today talking about the future of Government workers who can be replaced by robots. How soon will this be, and are we ready for it? — Related articles: Most Government Workers Could Be Replaced By Robots, New Study Finds...
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[2017-02-20] NH Today – Tech Talk

  Joined Jack on NH Today on talking about why Google is having a problem with their engineers quitting. We also discussed the new changes in FCC leaderships as they buy back licenses. — Related articles: Verizon Rolling Out Unlimited Data Plan As FCC...
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