Must-Have Protectors for Electronics – Special 55% Off Coupon Code

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It’s rare that I recommend something as a must-have, but this is one of those times.  If you are buying, or have recently bought, an electronic device such as a cell phone, iPod, iPad, MacBook Laptop or other electronic item you need to protect it now.

The manufacturer of ScreenGuardz and BodyGuardz have given Tech Talk Listeners a 55%-off Coupon for This Weekend Only! That’s better than their Black-Friday pricing!

During checkout from their website, use the Discount Code “TECHTALK” to get the 55% off!

Great stuff for a great price!  Thanks to NLU Products for making this offer to our listeners.

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Discount Code for Cordless Phone and iPad Charger – PowerMat

The PowerMat guys have a great product for charging phones, mp3 players and other gadgets — and they do it all without having to plug in your devices.  I first saw them a couple of years ago out at the Consumer Electronics show and even had them on the show.

You can get 10% off and free shipping on orders over $50 by using the Coupon Code: POWERUP

Their products are great and it doesn’t get any more convenient…

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New iPod/Computer Speakers First to Use Bi-Amp Technology

Klipsch Audio Technologies
Just interviewed Don Inmon, the Director of Personal Audio for Klipsch.  Craig Peterson here again. For those who haven’t listened to the radio show religiously… I’m a great fan of top-notch audio technology, and Klipsch has done it again.

If you’re familiar with hi-fi, you’ve heard of bi-amp’ed speakers.  I’ve got bi-amp’ed speakers in my studio and it’s the only way to get great quality sound.  Well, Klipsch has taken this technology all the way down to the $149.99 price point — quite amazing.  In fact, they’re the only bi-amped integrated iPod/iTouch/iPhone speakers in the world right now.

Looks like great speakers at a great price…

We gave away a set of their headphones last spring and they’ll probably be sending along some other speakers for give-away.

Find out more about them by going to:

iGroove™ SXT iPod/Computer Speaker – iPod Speakers, iPhone Speakers, MP3 Speakers – Free Shipping – 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – Overview.

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