iOS8 Update – Office for Android – Best Streaming Services – Show Notes

5 Reasons You Should Update Your iPhone Immediately

  1. CarPlay Gets Unplugged
  2. Siri’s Tone Changes
  3. Wi-Fi Gets Some Wins (Including Sprint/T-Mobile talk over WiFi)
  4. Family-friendly Fixes
  5. Emojis Aplenty

The Best Office Suite for Android

When it comes to productivity on the go, Android has come a long way even though Apple’s iOS still dominates this category. Now-a-days, you have plenty of options to stay productive on your phone or tablet, and while the best will cost you money, if you prefer, you can get respectable features for free. We think MobiSystems’ OfficeSuite 8 is the best overall option for Android, but if its price tag scares you, we have more options.

Regardless of the office suite you choose, you likely still won’t want to write a novel on your phone, but updating documents, editing spreadsheets, and even reviewing presentations isn’t as painful as it was even a few years ago. Your Android tablet, however, is a completely different matter. Some of these productivity suites have progressed so far that they’re quite serviceable, and familiar enough to their desktop counterparts that you can get some real work done.

Need Creativity? Turn off your toys. You Need Boredom, Distraction, and Procrastination

It probably sounds a little counterintuitive to suggest to anyone that they start slacking off, but in reality it’s about as important to your brain’s health as sleeping is. Being bored, procrastinating, and embracing distraction all help your brain function. In turn, you understand decisions better. You learn easier. You even foster creativity and productivity better.

Forget TV — This Is the Best Streaming Service for Movies

HBO is trouncing its competitors here because it has several long-term deals with movie studios for the right to show films during the so-called “pay-TV window.” That’s a period of around eight months after a film’s theatrical release when it hits premium cable channels but isn’t yet being played on broadcast TV or basic cable. Netflix’s first major pay-TV window deal with Disney begins in 2016, at which point the streaming service’s movie library should improve significantly. However, HBO still has deals with sister company Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures.

Get Ready To Turn Your Thumb Into a Miniature Trackpad

MIT researchers are developing a device that could have a host of benefits for users juggling smart phones and regular life. Users could answer the phone while cooking, control their cell phones even when they hands are full or discreetly send a text.

MobileGeddon: Google Embraces ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Sites in Search Shake-Up

The revised formula, scheduled to be released Tuesday, will favor websites that Google defines as “mobile-friendly.” Websites that don’t fit the description will be demoted in Google’s search results on smartphones and tablets while those meeting the criteria will be more likely to appear at the top of the rankings — a prized position that can translate into more visitors and money.

WikiLeaks Creates Online Archive of Hacked Sony Documents

Whistleblower site WikiLeaks on Thursday put hundreds of thousands of emails and documents from last year’s crippling cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment into a searchable online archive.

The website founded by Julian Assange said that its database includes more than 170,000 emails from Sony Pictures and a subsidiary, plus more than 30,000 other documents.

As states warm to online voting, experts warn of trouble ahead

Along with Congress, the Defense Department has heeded warnings over the past decade from cybersecurity experts that no Internet voting system can effectively block hackers from tampering with election results.

And email and fax transmissions are the most vulnerable of all, according to experts, including officials at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is part of the Commerce Department.

Animoto’s Brad Jefferson on Why SMBs Should Do Facebook Video

Jefferson discussed how technology advancements, including Animoto, have made videos easier to produce for brands and easier to consume for users, noting that the total number of video posts on Facebook is up 94 percent year-over-year, with more than 3 billion videos being viewed daily on the social network.

He stressed that brands’ videos on Facebook provide “a more intimate voice,” and suggested content similar to the types of product-description videos that can be found on fundraising sites such as Kickstarter and Indegogo, comparing them with movie trailers.

Jefferson suggested about one video per month for brands entering the Facebook video realm, adding, “You want people to feel like an insider.”

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Latest digital audio gear

Greensleeves Vinyl:War by Wailing Souls & Rank...

Image via Wikipedia

LP DOCK is an innovative new USB turntable that fuses the convenience of the iPod with the easiest way to convert vinyl records to MP3.   It enables users to transfer their old vinyl collection directly to an iPod using any Mac or PC computer. It comes with a  USB cord and works with all docking iPod models when you use with iTunes.    Audacity recording software, which reduces any vinyl noise and pops inherent on some old vinyl recordings to ensure full quality.  LP DOCK is the first of its kind to deliver direct-to-iPod technology. EZ Vinyl Converter 2 software is included to automatically name songs.

VCR 2 PC is an innovative new VHS player with single-cable USB output. With VCR 2 PC you can save all of your favorite home movies and videos straight to your PC in pristine digital format.   EZ VHS Converter software is included and lets you burn your videos to DVD, watch on your PSP, iPod or laptop computer. Exported MPEG4 video is compatible with select mobile phones and portable multimedia devices!  You can connect your VHS, VHS-C, or 8MM camcorder to the front panel jacks to backup your camcorder videos.   When you’re finished archiving your videos to your computer, VCR 2 PC is the perfect VHS player for any room in the house.

If you have a lot of tape collection you can create MP3s from it.   Just plug the TAPE 2 PC into your computer using the USB cable, install the software and start converting your music.  It’ll easily transfer to your iPod or other MP3 player.  TAPE 2 PC is the world’s first USB dual cassette player/recorder with the ability to covert tapes to MP3. TAPE 2 PC includes EZ Tape Converter 2 for PC (EZTC2) and EZ Audio Converter for Mac (EZAC) software; the simplest way to record and convert tapes directly to iTunes. EZTC2 features Gracenote® MusicID technology, which analyzes your recordings and automatically retrieves album, artist and song information for you! EZAC lets you easily enter track information. You can now digitally archive your collection in just a few mouse clicks.     When you’re finished archiving your cassettes to your computer, TAPE 2 PC can connect to your stereo system using standard RCA cables for convenient cassette listening in your living room, garage, or wherever your stereo system resides.

These above products enable consumers to take their traditional media (vinyl records, cassette tapes and VHS tapes) and turn them into easily accessible digital media. The idea behind ION Audio‘s products is simplicity: just plug and download. You can also see their new products at

ION Audio recently sold its one-millionth turntable.   Vinyl sales are actually increasing.  In 2007, according to Nielsen SoundScan, nearly 1 million LPs were bought, up from 858,000 in 2006.  Based on to-date sales for 2008, that figure could jump to 1.6 million by year’s end. (According to the Recording Industry Association of America, CD shipments dropped 17.5 percent during the same 2006-07 period.) Sales of turntables — which dropped from 1.8 million in 1989 to 275,000 in 2006, according to the Consumer Electronics Association — rebounded last year, when nearly half a million were sold.

Gregg Stein
Director of Marketing
ION Audio

Greg Stein – A biography

Greg is VP level marketing exec with broad experience in all aspects of global marketing planning and budgeting; including strategies for brand management, sustaining product portfolio management, new product development, pricing, distribution, promotion, trademark registrations, sales management, print and online advertising, public relations, interactive media, trade show exhibition/event marketing, merchandising, SKU management, inventory control, sourcing, and corporate and marketing communications.

Direct experience managing a wide range of staff as well as managing relationships with advertising/public relations agencies, artist management agencies, record labels, and media buys (direct mail, on line, print). Focus on fast-paced, innovative and lifestyle-oriented music, technology, entertainment and consumer electronics companies.

Currently, Director of Marketing Worldwide at Numark Industries, LLC. (Numark, Alesis, Akai Pro, MixMeister, Ion Audio)

He was the Director of Marketing Communications at Line 6.  Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University.  Also, worked as Product Marketing / Marcom Manager at Avedis Zildjian Company

Greg holds Masters in CSS Management/Administration from  Harvard University.  Also, holds a certification in Strategic Management from Boston University.  He has done his BA, Business Management & Drum Set Performance from Berklee College of Music.

About Ion Audio:

Ion Audio’s mission is to deliver a diverse and innovative range of digital audio and musical entertainment products that brings music to life.

Whether you are at a barbecue, out by the pool with friends, in front of your computer or just hanging out at home Ion Audio is here to help you listen, play and enjoy your music.

The company was established to fulfill the needs of the music enthusiasts, musicians and DJ’s of all levels looking for an affordable solution to digital music entertainment.

The product line includes award-winning innovations for home audio, digital audio and DJ technology, musical instruments and digital audio accessories.

From award-winning USB Turntable that turns your old LP’s into MP3’s to our state-of-the-art musical instruments such as the Electronic Drum Kit to battery-powered portable PA sound system for iPod, Ion Audio is here to make music more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

Because, like you, Ion Audio love digital audio, are always looking for fresh ways to help you move music.  Be on the look out for many more revolutionary innovations from ION Audio coming to a retailer near you.

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Use a dedicated phone now

How about using a master phone no. for all your dealings?

Here is a unified technology that will answer all your calls no matter where you are. It’ll reach you automatically no matter where you are – work, travel, home, cell. It has the capability to fax you too.   PhoneFusion One answers all your calls, divert calls to your phone.

PhoneFusion One is a simple service that keeps you in control with just one phone number.  You are given a permanent telephone number to give to your clients, colleagues, family or friends. Once this number is dialed, PhoneFusion One contacts you anywhere you choose to be contacted, whether you are in the car, leaving a client meeting, at the office or anywhere else in the world.

For small businesses, PhoneFusion One enables small businesses to get more for less.  This is the mantra for all small businesses and with PhoneFusion One, it’s a easy to do.  PhoneFusion One provides small businesses with a full suite of big-company features like conference capability, fax to email, virtual attendant, in addition to traditional phone features.  For a busy individual with multiple phone numbers, PhoneFusion One is the reliable way to manage your incoming calls, and integrates seamlessly with cell phones, land lines, VoIP lines and faxes.

PhoneFusion One also hosts VoIP (Internet) phone services and a Virtual Receptionist feature which is a PBX-type phone system for businesses with no equipment to buy. Our Virtual Receptionist service allows customers to sound like a professional company with phones with all the same features as an expensive system for one low monthly payment.

PhoneFusion One offers the reliability and security of regular phone systems and ability to receive calls no matter where you are – on any phone.   And the hosted solution requires no special hardware or software to purchase.

PhoneFusion One keeps you in control with one phone number. We give you a new telephone number or you can transfer your existing number to us. You can then decide where and when to send your calls by logging in on our website. We are confident that you will find PhoneFusion One to be the easiest, most cost effective way there is to keep in touch, with the most advanced features around.

PhoneFusion offers many telephone features that are available with advanced phone systems, as well as standard features like conference calling, recording calls, missed call notification, extension dialing, virtual calling card and much more. It’ll give you the advantage of standard and business-type features all for one low price.

PhoneFusion also offers VoIP telephones and features integrated seamlessly into system allowing you to have a low-cost telephone alternative to traditional landlines.

By combining Unified Communications with the technology of VoIP, PhoneFusion One offers the reliability and security of regular phone systems along with VoIP to save you money.

Key benefits that small businesses get with PhoneFusion One:

  • One Number: Give your friends or colleagues and customers PhoneFusion One number with a local area code or 800 number, and it will find you wherever you are. You can receive your calls at any of your pre-programmed numbers instantaneously and simultaneously. You decide and control when you’re available!
  • Find Me/Follow Me:  PhoneFusion One calls multiple phones at once, allowing you to answer the call wherever you are. You can choose to accept, reject or transfer a call to another phone before you ever answer. (If you reject a call, the caller will not be able to leave a voicemail message.) It’s freedom at your fingertips!
  • Voicemail:  You can receive personalized announcements and retrieve your voicemail messages from any telephone or listen to them through your PC!  You can actually screen your voicemail while messages are being left for you and pickup in the middle if you choose. You also have the option to send voicemail messages to your personal email address, allowing you to forward voicemail to anyone, anywhere!
  • Call Screening:   PhoneFusion One will announce all callers so you decide whether to answer, to send the caller to voicemail or to send an instant message. You choose your availability after you know who is calling. Once you send a caller to voicemail the PhoneFusion One user has the choice to listen to the caller leaving the message (without the caller hearing) and then answering the call while the person is still leaving the message to accept the call, just like on old answering machines.
  • Toll-Free Number:  PhoneFusion One gives you the option to add a toll-free number to your account. You can port your current toll-free number to our system just like a regular number. Get inbound calls for only $0.049 per minute.
  • Virtual Number / Virtual 800 Number:    Get a Virtual Number for people to call instead of your regular PhoneFusion One number. It forwards to your main number, but allows customers, family and friends to dial a local number instead of a long distance or a toll number.
  • Softphone:   You can make and receive calls and also pick up voicemail with PhoneFusion One’s Softphone.  In order to use this feature, you need to download the program onto your computer.  It acts like a regular phone.
  • Virtual Receptionist:  The Virtual Receptionist is a virtual PBX system that can answer your calls and play a recorded message with different options for callers, just like a regular office PBX system. For example, callers will dial your number and hear “Thank you for calling ABC Company. Dial 1 for sales, 2 for support or 0 for the operator.” Unlike a standard PBX system, there is no hardware or software to purchase and maintain, so costs start low and stay low.
  • VIP Callers:  These callers can bypass the PhoneFusion One chime and your Incoming Greeting to go directly to waiting for you to answer their calls. This is perfect for someone who will be calling you often and does not need to go the Call Screening process.
  • Web Account:  Access your PhoneFusion One account from any computer, any time. Listen to your messages through your computer, read your faxes, change your account options and more.
  • Call Guard:  Turn on Call Guard, and it will monitor your call. If you lose the connection and the caller stays on the line, PhoneFusion One will tell the caller to hold on while it tries to re-establish the call. If PhoneFusion One cannot reconnect the call, the caller will be sent to voicemail.
  • Calling Card:   Your PhoneFusion One number is also a calling card that can be used to make calls to or from any destination in the world. With competitive low rates, PhoneFusion One keeps you constantly in touch.
  • Record Calls:   Record phone calls with the touch of just a few buttons. Listen to the recorded call in three ways: as a voicemail message, through your Virtual Inbox or in an email with a .WAV file attachment.
  • Conference Calling:  Organize conference calls for an unlimited number of people. There’s no need to use an outside company! In addition, you can record the entire call, so there’s no need to take notes. Add and remove people from the conference with ease using our step-by-step instructions.  Through this feature, you can reduce more travel time.
  • Instant Messaging:  This amazing and unmatched feature allows you to send callers a personalized instant voice message if you’re unable to take their call, rather than just sending them to voicemail.
  • Fax to Email:  PhoneFusion One will receive faxes 24/7, and can be forwarded to any fax machine or viewed on your PC as a PDF document. You can also program PhoneFusion One to notify you of a fax the same way you are notified of voicemail messages. There’s no need for a second line.
  • Web Call Back:  If you have missed a call and set your preferences to email you when you’ve missed a voicemail message, you can call the person back via the Web. There is a link in the email to dial your caller. Choose which number you would like PhoneFusion to use, and then that number will ring. Once you answer, PhoneFusion will dial the number of the caller you missed. There is no need to dig out your phonebook.
  • Call Transfer:  Once the PhoneFusion One user has a call connected, he can push ##T (or ##8) and that will let him transfer the call to any number in the world.
  • You can have all the standard features like a normal telephone such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Speed Dialling, Last Number redialling, on-hold mute, missed call notification, incoming call notification,  international calling, outbound fax, call me now, do not disturb, etc,
  • Get More for Less: This is the mantra for all small businesses and with innovative technologies from companies like PhoneFusion, it’s a easy to do.  PhoneFusion provides small businesses with a full suite of big-company communications features.  Get a full-service telecom solution for less than $10.00 a month.
  • Cut Your Phone Bill by Using VoIP.  PhoneFusion One offers a VoIP offering that enables your VoIP calls to be taken on your landline or mobile.  No more being tied to the desk to take advantage of VoIP call savings.
  • Listener Promotion:  To give listeners a chance to experience all that PhoneFusion One has to offer, the company is offering 100 days of free service. This includes all PhoneFusion One features and 500 minutes of usage per month.

Web site to direct listeners: – into one, single, manageable source. With PhoneFusion, organizations can confidently manage their daily business communications from any location, any device, at any time of day. PhoneFusion is based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For more information on the company and its products, please visit them online at

Jonathan Hollander
Executive Vice President
Phone Fusion

Jonathan Hollander – A biography

Jonathan Hollander is the EVP of Phone Fusion.  He founded PhoneFusion in January 2005 with an expert knowledge of the technologies that are revolutionizing the telephony industry and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Prior to founding the company, Mr. Hollander was co-founder and president of Dotshop Consulting Corporation, and was responsible for establishing Dotshop as IBM’s first-ever business partner for Web development in the Southeast United States.

Mr. Hollander’s career experience also includes launching two wireless startups.  Sincuerda provided wireless Internet access to the booming Miami hospitality industry. GigaTrans, delivered fixed wireless access to Detroit businesses.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Hollander was a technology consultant for the Texas State Education Department, instrumental in the development of the largest K-12 private educational WAN in the United States.  He was also responsible for site design and Internet strategic planning at the University of Miami.

While living in Miami, Mr. Hollander was the Vice Chair of the Technology Committee at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. He speaks regularly on the benefits of the Internet and the World Wide Web in relation to telephony.

About PhoneFusion One

PhoneFusion is a leading provider of reliable communications solutions to businesses of all sizes.  The company’s portfolio of Unified Communications and Fixed Mobile Convergence products brings together all modes of communication – from mobile phones to traditional landlines to VoIP to Business Intelligence Suites and Distributed

PhoneFusion One gives businesses an easy way to manage all of their daily business communications with just one phone number. Subscribers receive a permanent telephone number to give to clients, colleagues, family or friends. When callers dial the subscriber’s number, PhoneFusion One will contact him on the numbers previously programmed. With features like call forwarding, voicemail, virtual attendant, fax to email, conference calling, call screening and many more, PhoneFusion One supports all communication needs.

PhoneFusion is a leading provider of reliable communications solutions to businesses of all sizes.  The company’s portfolio of Unified Communications and Fixed Mobile Convergence products brings together all modes of communication – from mobile phones to traditional landlines to VoIP to Business Intelligence Suites and Distributed.

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monitor and control your home remotely from AT&T phones during your vacation

AT&T Remote Monitor service helps small business owners stay in touch with their business operations without having to be onsite.  It enables users to remotely monitor (real time video, not audio) their office or business(es) for changes in water or temperature levels, movement, and control of lighting.

The services’ small business applications will especially appeal to the country’s more than 5 million small businesses, including small offices and home offices (SOHOs).

It is a great product brought by AT&T for small businesses and consumers to stay in touch when people go on a vacation, to check the elderly parents, kids, pets.  Remote Monitoring is a productivity tool.

For small businesses they can use this remote monitor to check their POS, front door, back door and other store location, etc.  Remote Monitor can do this through a web enabled PC or from your AT&T phone.

Remote Monitor is pretty useful for small business owners to monitor the POS, Cash Counter, Stores, etc.   It can capture the images or videos and records in DVR. You can archive these and view it at ease.  It also automatically send an SMS alert.

Since Remote Monitor is a wireless services, the cameras are on a wired platform. You don’t need to understand technology to install the equipment, it’s pretty simple.  People don’t have to put an extra effort for the installation.   It broadcast the video using AT&T own technology homeplug or powerline adapter that allow the powerline in the building. You don’t need an internet cable or DSL line to transmit video.  It’s cost effective and easy way to set-up the system.

You can watch these videos on your AT&T smart phone (please make sure you have the right model with you). You can get these streaming videos on your handset.  You just need  Java enabled phones such as Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung to name a few.  Check out the compatible phone list before you use Remote Monitor.  You can directly control the system from your phone.

Regarding the pricing, it comes with two component – Starter Kit and Service Plans.  The starter starts from $299 to $999 depending on the component you choose.   The Business pack is ideal for small business owners and home users can start the standard pack.   It comes with a system controller, one fixed position IP camera for remote viewing, one door / window sensor / temperature sensor, two PLC adaptor to transmit via powerlines and necessary cables.   The service plan depends on number of location that you choose to monitor.  To know more about these plans, click here.

Since some of the people are going out for vacation in summers, they can carry these phones and do of monitoring activities such temperature control, lighting, power devices and many more things from anywhere.  This would be a handy tool and gives a piece of mind at vacation.   You can also check at AT&T site and have thermostat information for remote programming.

You need to have a good computer system with broadband internet connection and a router.  Ensure that your network router has at least two unused ports. A network hub or switch also can be used to provide more ports, if necessary.  If you don’t have a broadband, call AT&T, so that they can provide one for you.   For more details of pre-requisite, visit system requirements page.

The starter kit comes with the controller and it plug in to the router. You can fix the sensors and camera wherever you need.  With one quick registration, you are ready to use.  If you have any technical problems, always rely on AT&T customer support are willing to help you.

Steven Loop
Director of Business Development
AT&T Remote Monitor

Steven Loop – A biography

Steve Loop is an Executive Director of Business Development at AT&T.  Steve has almost 15 years at AT&T with a diverse background of Technical Sales, Sales Operations, Merger Planning and Integration, Marketing, and Product Development.  His role in Business Development is to find new products and services for mass market and small business customers and then accelerate their availability. AT&T Remote Monitor is a great example of one of those products.

About AT&T:

Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular Wireless, is the largest wireless company in the United States, with more than 71 million subscribers who use the nation’s largest digital voice and data network. AT&T is dedicated to providing customers with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives.

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Having Had His Patents Stolen, He Now Had a License to Steal

This is a real story of  Walter L Shaw and his son Walter T Shaw.

Walter L. Shaw was an inventor and had an astonishing 39 patents to his credit.  His innovations have been widely used by everyone in day to day life. Some of his breakthrough inventions included the hands free speaker phone, the black box (a toll free calling device), call forwarding, the White House “Red Phone” alert system, a tone generator which later because the touch pad for touch tone dialing, conference calling, and extend-a-watts.  His inventions would take us into the 21st century, but they were all invented between 1964-1971 and his last invention of popularity was voice print recognition and was invented in 1984.  His last invention was the First burglar alarm that dialed the police.

He has been quoted as “technological genius” and but none of the accomplishments and recognitions came to his rescue at the time of death.

Walter L. Shaw was born in Vineland, New Jersey in 1917.   He started his career with Bell Laboratories in 1935.   The first invention was in 1948, the automatic loud speaking telephone–hands free, commonly referred to as the speakerphone. At Bell Labs, he invented Feedback Neutralization system and got his first patent.  In 1953, he invented two way communications Unit.

In 1954, he is commissioned by Eisenhower, The President of the United States, to design the “Red Phone” system, a direct link between the White House and the Kremlin.   Under Eisenhower’s directin, Shaw was put in the supervisory position of the Globular Communication Control Center Installation for the complte control of their telephone, telex, single-sideband radio requirements of Elmendorf Airforce Branch, Anchorage, Alaska.  Mr. Shaw was in direct control of 40 airmen for this assignment.  The “Red Phone” was developed during this time.

In 1961, Shaw and a companion, Ralph Satterfield, were arrested and charged in the free call system case by both Gerstein’s office and by New York authorities.

Shaw was again charged with two counts of attaching the devices to telephones. The charge is a misdemeanour, punishable by a maximum $500 fine and one year in prison.

The State Attorney’s office today reported the arrest in Miami of Walter L. Shaw the inventor of a device used by a bookmaking ring in New York to make long distance phone calls without paying.

In 1968, he invented automatic re-routing system for telephone subsriber station.  Now known as ‘call forwding’feature in most phones. In 1969, he invented Conference Call Equipment.  In 1971, he filed for Remote Dialling Apparatus with Encoder / Decoder Control means.

In 1995, Walter L. Shaw is re-united with his son, Walter T. Shaw after 25 years.  The elder Shaw was suffering from prostate cancer and living out the last years of his life in Reno, Nevada.   In July 1996, Walter L. Shaw loses his battle against prostate cancer.

With all his inventions and 39 patents for things we use everyday, Walter L. Shaw left this worlds unrecognized and broke.

He is posthumously given a degree from Coral Ridge Baptist University . . . although he never got to see it.   Walter L. Shaw is finally recognized for his genius and his contributions to society. He has been described as “a man out of step with the times in which he lived,” as he was far ahead of the rest of the scientific community in the world of electronics, conceptualizing 25 years ago voice and data transmission technologies regarded as common place today.

Shaw Sr., desperate for money, turned to the mafia and designed the “black box” that allowed Mob bookmakers to make toll-free, untraceable calls.   However, it was this device that landed Shaw Sr. in front of a Senate subcommittee and Robert F. Kennedy, for which he was later convicted.  Found guilty on eight counts of illegal phone usage.

Watching in anger as his father was convicted, Walter T. Shaw, son of Walter Senior, then 12, was comforted by an unlikely figure: New York mob boss Carlo Gambino.  He whispered to Walter Jr., “The only difference between us and these politicians, judges and senators, is they have a license to steal and we don’t need one.”

A LICENSE TO STEAL by Walter T. Shaw is born out of this and it’s son’s revenge and his true dedication to his father.

A License To Steal, Shaw Jr. maintains that it should have been his father who became famous. Although Shaw Sr. died penniless, he invented and patented several telephonic breakthroughs including the speakerphone, conference calling, call-forwarding and even the “Red Phone” used by the Eisenhower White House to contact the Kremlin.  However, as a systems engineer for Bell, the most powerful monopoly of that time, he was stopped from marketing his inventions.

Walter’s revenge on the rich and famous soon began.  Here are some insights:

  • The FBI blamed Walter’s  crew for a staggering 3,000 jobs worth more than $70 million since the early 1970s.
  • In 1968, was a recognized solider for a National Mafia boss.
  • In 1969 joined the “Dinner Time Burglar” jewel thief ring (they robbed when people were home and eating dinner) and in 1974 broke off, forming his own crew
  • Among their alleged victims were Liberace, the DuPonts and Firestone families
  • Never caught in the act, but was ratted out and convicted on 4 different counts sentenced to 49 years of imprisonment
  • Because of death threats was moved to death row in the cell next to serial killer Ted Bundy.
  • Walter spent in excess of 11 years in prison.
  • Lost touch with his dad. Walter Jr. eventually reconciled with his father 18 months before the elder Shaw died of cancer in 1996.

A father’s genius; a son’s revenge, but payback has its price.

May 1, 2008  Ft. Lauderdale, FL Walter T. Shaw is considered the world’s most notorious (former) jewel thief.  His long-awaited memoir, A License To Steal, (Omega Publishing, April ’08, $24.95, hardcover) chronicles the saga of his father, probably one of the most important inventors of our time, who was ripped off by corporate America and the mafia, and how this drove Walter himself to become one of the country’s most famous jewel thieves, having taken an estimated $70 million from the rich and famous from Long Island to Florida. In the forward by Frank Vincent (Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos) writes, “Full of love, fear, violence, hate and the quest for redemption, this book is an unbelievable journey through life.”

A License to Steal will soon be made into a motion picture and Walter is in talks with the major Hollywood studios.  Walter, a media darling, has appeared on Oprah, Rachael Ray, Montel Williams, and Inside Edition to talk about burglary prevention.

By Walter T. Shaw
Omega Publishing
April, 2008
$24.95, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9786059-0-2

Walter T. Shaw

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