Augmented Reality Providing Virtual Concerts?

The next step in the future of augmented reality (AR) is close by.  We’ve seen three dimensional avatars in Science Fiction movies for decades and there are a few which are being used to provide instructions to passengers in air ports.  Now String, in partnership with tech firm Digicave, has created technology which allows 3-dimensional projections to appear right in front of you.  It maps 3D figures onto walls or furniture in your room.

This newest incarnation of AR holds the promise of having performance artists and ultimately even TV shows to appear right in front of you in real-life 3D.

“I think what we’re delivering here is a unique experience that no-one has ever seen before,” says String’s CEO Alan Maxwell.

“For example, we can capture a live performance from an artist on stage… and deliver that performance to people’s devices wherever they are in the world and they simply have to hold their device at a marker. I think there is a certain amount of value in that.”

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Sex and Gambling Pushing the Boundaries of Smart Phones

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For more than two decades the Sex and Gambling industries have lead the way for business on the Internet.  They’ve pioneered online payment systems, streaming video and interactive sessions years before other industries even stuck their toes into the water.  Now, they’re setting their sights onto the Smart Phone market — a smart move that is being pioneered by others this time.

Online gambling company Belfair’s CTO, Tony McAllister, says that mobile is changing the way they’re doing business.  This from a company which a decade ago introduced peer-to-peer betting, has built a base of more than 3 million customers, provides services in 17 different languages and has more than 2,000 employees.

Mobile applications allows a much more personal experience, which is usually with the user 24×7.  Add to that the ability to compete with other users on the site, and Belfair is looking at a very rewarding future.

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monitor and control your home remotely from AT&T phones during your vacation

AT&T Remote Monitor service helps small business owners stay in touch with their business operations without having to be onsite.  It enables users to remotely monitor (real time video, not audio) their office or business(es) for changes in water or temperature levels, movement, and control of lighting.

The services’ small business applications will especially appeal to the country’s more than 5 million small businesses, including small offices and home offices (SOHOs).

It is a great product brought by AT&T for small businesses and consumers to stay in touch when people go on a vacation, to check the elderly parents, kids, pets.  Remote Monitoring is a productivity tool.

For small businesses they can use this remote monitor to check their POS, front door, back door and other store location, etc.  Remote Monitor can do this through a web enabled PC or from your AT&T phone.

Remote Monitor is pretty useful for small business owners to monitor the POS, Cash Counter, Stores, etc.   It can capture the images or videos and records in DVR. You can archive these and view it at ease.  It also automatically send an SMS alert.

Since Remote Monitor is a wireless services, the cameras are on a wired platform. You don’t need to understand technology to install the equipment, it’s pretty simple.  People don’t have to put an extra effort for the installation.   It broadcast the video using AT&T own technology homeplug or powerline adapter that allow the powerline in the building. You don’t need an internet cable or DSL line to transmit video.  It’s cost effective and easy way to set-up the system.

You can watch these videos on your AT&T smart phone (please make sure you have the right model with you). You can get these streaming videos on your handset.  You just need  Java enabled phones such as Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung to name a few.  Check out the compatible phone list before you use Remote Monitor.  You can directly control the system from your phone.

Regarding the pricing, it comes with two component – Starter Kit and Service Plans.  The starter starts from $299 to $999 depending on the component you choose.   The Business pack is ideal for small business owners and home users can start the standard pack.   It comes with a system controller, one fixed position IP camera for remote viewing, one door / window sensor / temperature sensor, two PLC adaptor to transmit via powerlines and necessary cables.   The service plan depends on number of location that you choose to monitor.  To know more about these plans, click here.

Since some of the people are going out for vacation in summers, they can carry these phones and do of monitoring activities such temperature control, lighting, power devices and many more things from anywhere.  This would be a handy tool and gives a piece of mind at vacation.   You can also check at AT&T site and have thermostat information for remote programming.

You need to have a good computer system with broadband internet connection and a router.  Ensure that your network router has at least two unused ports. A network hub or switch also can be used to provide more ports, if necessary.  If you don’t have a broadband, call AT&T, so that they can provide one for you.   For more details of pre-requisite, visit system requirements page.

The starter kit comes with the controller and it plug in to the router. You can fix the sensors and camera wherever you need.  With one quick registration, you are ready to use.  If you have any technical problems, always rely on AT&T customer support are willing to help you.

Steven Loop
Director of Business Development
AT&T Remote Monitor

Steven Loop – A biography

Steve Loop is an Executive Director of Business Development at AT&T.  Steve has almost 15 years at AT&T with a diverse background of Technical Sales, Sales Operations, Merger Planning and Integration, Marketing, and Product Development.  His role in Business Development is to find new products and services for mass market and small business customers and then accelerate their availability. AT&T Remote Monitor is a great example of one of those products.

About AT&T:

Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular Wireless, is the largest wireless company in the United States, with more than 71 million subscribers who use the nation’s largest digital voice and data network. AT&T is dedicated to providing customers with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives.

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Should We Cover the FIRST Robotics Regional in Manchester?

The BAE Granite State Regionals is scheduled to take place at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH March 4th to 6th.  This is the oldest and deepest regional in the world, and we’ve covered it live for the past 4 or 5 years.  But, it’s an effort of love.

We’re thinking that we’ll cover it again this year, but we’ll have to find volunteers to help with the broadcast and get our local affiliate radio station (WGIR AM) to provide us with the equipment and airtime.

Do you think it’s worth it?  Let me know.  Producer at

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We have winners of the Klipsch S4 In-ear Speakers

Congratulations to Brian S. of Manchester and Todd E. of Nashua, our winners of the Klipsch S4 in-ear speakers. These high-end in-ear speakers will allow them to have a private concert experience anytime they listen. Thank you to Klipsch for providing these give-aways to our listeners.

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