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Heartbleed Bug – What to Do

I’ve been advising people to use 1Password for years now. Turns out that continues to be good advise. 1Password is immune to the latest security problem that’s affecting some 70% of all Internet sites.

Password Advise

While your data is safe within 1Password itself, there is a good chance websites you used were vulnerable and did not protect your username and password.

The knee jerk reaction to this news is to change all your passwords immediately. While I will be recommending you change your passwords, not all websites have been updated yet to protect against this vulnerability.

The best advice I can give you is to change your most important website passwords immediately, including your email, bank accounts, and other high value targets. This will provide your best defense against previous attacks.

After a few weeks, websites will have been upgraded with new SSL certificates, and you will be able to trust SSL again. At this point you should change all of your passwords again.

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Google Launches Free Tool to Build Interactive Advertisements

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Although it’s primarily for building Ads, the new Google Web Designer can be used to build almost any sort of HTML5 content. That means that you can make interactive video that will play on ANY modern smartphone or web browser.

Until recently, Google argues, advertisers “didn’t have the tools they needed to easily develop content fit for today’s cross-screen experiences” and Web Designer aims to be the tool to create these experiences.

At its core, Web Designer is a visual tool, but you can also delve right into the JavaScript and CSS to fine-tune different aspect of your site. Indeed, Web Designer allows you to manipulate all of your code directly in a built-in editor and lets you quickly preview your creations in every browser you have installed.

Some of the more interesting ones Google has developed for Web Designer include a pen tool for free drawing, as well as a timeline for managing your animations. Web Designer also features the ability to create 3D content using the power of CSS3, as well as a set of pre-built components for galleries, maps and embedded YouTube videos.

For animations, one of the core features of the application, Web Developer features a Quick mode for building animations scene by scene and an advanced mode that gives designers more control over each of the elements on the page.


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The Formula for Launching Products That Changed the Internet

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail[I only just found out about them, but Jeff's Fantastic Videos are likely going down tonight...  Check them out now.  He won't be releasing another set for at least a year.]

I only give good advise :-)  Follow me on this one.

A couple of years ago I had a guest on the show who had launched some of the biggest products on the Internet. He’d had great success, so I researched it a little more and signed up for his course. It described, in detail, how to launch a product online. I ended up signing up for the
course, paying my $$ and found absolutely fantastic value. It was a soup-to-nuts course by the world’s leading Product Launch guy, Jeff

He’s released a set of absolutely free value-packed, no-registration required videos. They aren’t the typical hard-sell videos, in fact he
only mentions where you can find more at the end. These are value-packed, no-registration-required videos.

Jeff just took down the “firewall” that was hiding three super high-value full-length training videos… they’re all on one page, and you don’t
need to opt-in to see them. You can watch them here:

Take care,


P.S. If you think these videos are awesome (and they are)… then you should definitely check out Jeff’s full-blown training:

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Did Your Relaunched Site’s Traffic Suddenly Die?

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A site redesign and relaunch can be an exciting and busy time in the life of a company’s web marketing program. It’s a great time to shake a site down to its core, revamp the message, look and feel, and – most importantly – structure the site for SEO success (assuming you read my article on how to relaunch without losing sleep).

For those who anxiously await the increased traffic and conversions from the updated site, there are those who are often greeted with tanking traffic post-launch.  Frantically searching the site to find out what’s gone wrong and why can be the most nerve-wracking part of a post-launch failure.

Bottom-line: Check Google Analytics, your robots.txt file, page name changes and server issues.  These culprits will usually cause most of your problems.


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