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Net Neutrality Isn’t Neutral, and Its Bad For the Economy

[Guest editorial by Seton Motley]large_net_neutrality

The Barack Obama Administration is back at it – yet another Big Government power grab is in the works.

 The Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is yet again resurrecting Network Neutrality – an all-encompassing Internet usurpation twice unanimously killed by court as an illegal overreach.

Court Backs Comcast Over FCC on ‘Net Neutrality
Verizon Wins Net Neutrality Court Ruling Against FCC

 Net Neutrality III does in fact acknowledge and allow for a basic economic precept:

If you use more, you pay more.

 It will allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to charge bandwidth hogs like Netflix and Google (owner of YouTube) for the Web-exploding bandwidth they use. 

Netflix and YouTube Make Up Majority of US Internet Traffic
Netflix Now The Largest Single Source of Internet Traffic In North America
Video Viewing on Netflix Accounts for Up to 30 Percent of Online Traffic

Rather than make all of us – including non-Netflix and non-YouTube users – subsidize their massive profit-models.  Which of course upsets them.

Google And Netflix Are Considering An All-Out PR Blitz Against The FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan


This nod to economic Reality also has the Left rending garments and gnashing teeth in overwrought, overdramatic fashion.

Barack Macbeth’s ‘Murder’ of Net Neutrality
So This is How Net Neutrality Dies, Under a Democratic President
Thanks to the FCC Net Neutrality is Dead
Stop the FCC from Breaking the Internet

If these Leftist bad actors had their way, the government would mandate that gas stations charge the same price for empty Escalades and Escorts.

Their reaction is part knee-jerk response to anything less than total government command-and-control – and part political theater.  Their screeching – combined with our reasonable objection to this third attempt at massive government overreach – allows FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to say:

See – both sides are angry with me.  My proposal must be reasonable.

Hardly.  The Chairman has circulated amongst the Commission his Net Neutrality Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) – the first step in a process that so often ends in really bad policy.  I spoke – on condition of anonymity – with someone inside the Beast.  And the first draft ain’t good.

A caveat: This is a first draft.  The final version – once the four Commissioners weigh in – may end up looking dramatically different.  But this is Chairman Wheeler left to his own devices – and it ain’t good.

The proposal possesses two over-arching characteristics. 

1.     A preemptive Mother-May-I approach to Internet innovation.  Anytime the marketplace develops a new way of doing just about anything – the innovators must first check with the government to see if they can implement it. 

Fairly command-and-control, is it not?  Not exactly a great way to run a constantly-evolving, endlessly-faceted World Wide Web.

2.     A nebulousness to exactly just how far the government’s regulatory reach is.  Just what nook or cranny of the private Web – if any – lies beyond the Leviathan’s tentacles?

The order’s lynchpin is how the government will now define “high speed broadband.”  It appears to mandate that everyone must be able to simultaneously download multiple movies – all while dual-online playing Game of Thrones and Call of Duty with everyone from their graduating class.

And if that ridiculously huge bandwidth demand slows you down ever so slightly – the government won’t consider it “high speed.”

See, the actual law – which the FCC is ignoring by imposing Net Neutrality – allows the government to stick it’s enormous proboscis even further into the Web if there is “market failure.”  So the government will absurdly define market “success” – and then claim it’s failing.  And start ratcheting up further the regulations.

Remember ObamaCare’s nutritional information disclosure requirements?

ObamaCare Requires 34 Million Pizza Nutrition Signs 

The new Net Neutrality order dramatically ramps up the disclosure requirements for ISPs.  How?  In what forms and fashions?  Again, it’s nebulous – and open-ended.  The precedent likes of ObamaCare’s multi-million menu aren’t good.

What are the punishments for violating these absurd new regulations?  Again – nebulous.  And, again – the government’s omni-directional precedents aren’t good.

Seton Motley is the founder and president of Less Government.  Please feel free to follow him on Twitter (@SetonMotley) and Facebook.  It’s his kind of stalking


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Heartbleed Bug – What to Do

I’ve been advising people to use 1Password for years now. Turns out that continues to be good advise. 1Password is immune to the latest security problem that’s affecting some 70% of all Internet sites.

Password Advise

While your data is safe within 1Password itself, there is a good chance websites you used were vulnerable and did not protect your username and password.

The knee jerk reaction to this news is to change all your passwords immediately. While I will be recommending you change your passwords, not all websites have been updated yet to protect against this vulnerability.

The best advice I can give you is to change your most important website passwords immediately, including your email, bank accounts, and other high value targets. This will provide your best defense against previous attacks.

After a few weeks, websites will have been upgraded with new SSL certificates, and you will be able to trust SSL again. At this point you should change all of your passwords again.

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Google Launches Free Tool to Build Interactive Advertisements

English: Browser usage share on Wikimedia Foun...

Although it’s primarily for building Ads, the new Google Web Designer can be used to build almost any sort of HTML5 content. That means that you can make interactive video that will play on ANY modern smartphone or web browser.

Until recently, Google argues, advertisers “didn’t have the tools they needed to easily develop content fit for today’s cross-screen experiences” and Web Designer aims to be the tool to create these experiences.

At its core, Web Designer is a visual tool, but you can also delve right into the JavaScript and CSS to fine-tune different aspect of your site. Indeed, Web Designer allows you to manipulate all of your code directly in a built-in editor and lets you quickly preview your creations in every browser you have installed.

Some of the more interesting ones Google has developed for Web Designer include a pen tool for free drawing, as well as a timeline for managing your animations. Web Designer also features the ability to create 3D content using the power of CSS3, as well as a set of pre-built components for galleries, maps and embedded YouTube videos.

For animations, one of the core features of the application, Web Developer features a Quick mode for building animations scene by scene and an advanced mode that gives designers more control over each of the elements on the page.


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The Formula for Launching Products That Changed the Internet

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