The Technology Leaders in Monetizing Your Business

How would you like access to some of the best Advertising and Marketing minds in the world?  What if you could find out how you can improve your business’s profitability, or even start up a new business?  That’s what I did last week, and I’m going to share it with you.

I found some of the top talent in the Promotion, Advertising and Marketing industry at Ad:Tech in New York City about a week ago and I’ve got personal interviews all ready to go on-air.  In these one-on-one sessions, we talk about the techniques and technologies that are going to help businesses get their messages out, what’s happening with the new mobile platforms, what are the security risks and much more.  I’ll post more individualized information as we air the interviews.

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll hear from:

  • Pushpins – Grocery Coupons via iPhone
  • Gold Spot Media – Interactive rich media and video advertising solutions for mobile web and applications, and rapid app creation tools for smartphone, feature phone and mobile tablet platforms.
  • DSNR Media Group – Result-based internet & Mobile advertising solution provider
  • WinBuyer – The WinBuyer Shoppers Audience Network enables advertisers to create highly targeted campaigns that engage over 35 million unique US consumers per month while they are making purchase decisions.
  • Mediaspectrum – Manages advertising and content for the world’s largest media companies.
  • Mirror Image – Combines a patented global network with results-driven content delivery solutions to help customers deploy, monitor and refine online strategies.
  • Conduit – Provides web publishers with effective marketing methods for creating community among their customers/member/users.
  • Tech Media Network – The fastest growing publisher and digital content provider in the technology news sector.  Publishes,,, Newsarama, TechNewsDaily, Our Amazing Planet, Life’s Little Mysteries, MyHealthNewsDaily, BusinessNewsDaily, iPadNewsDaily, North Orion, SecurityNewsDaily, and Herman Street.
  • Acxiom – Helps to engage consumers at every interaction, avoiding wasted impressions, reaching just those that clients want, at the right moment and the right time.
  • Exent – Broadband-based monetization of PC and video games.
  • TeleNav, Inc. – They power turn-by-turn voice driven navigation that is delivered on mobile phones.
  • 2adpro – 2adpro is the leading provider of ad design and high-volume production services for clients requiring very fast turnaround.
  • Agendize – A one-stop-shop for plug-n-play “click-to-action” tools helping any advertiser convert traffic into online and offline conversations.
  • Ziplocal – A leader in providing an innovative source of information for local businesses and communities.
  • MGID Inc (Media Guide Internet Database) – A free service that allows any content driven site to advertise it’s original content and find more viewers.
  • Mob Partner/Amobee – Helps to monetize mobile media to facilitate the convergence between advertisers and publishers.
  • Evil Genius Designs, Inc. – A PepsiCo10 winner – combines social and interactive media, gaming and mobile technologies to create unique, engaging experiences for guests.
  • Experian Marketing Services – Experian Marketing Services delivers best-in-breed data, analytics and platforms into multiple regions around the globe.
  • SRDS – The “Google” of the media industry as over 95% of the US Ad agencies use our search engine to help them make an advertising decision.  Now providing information about mobile advertising.
  • Email Direct – While the Email Marketing Service Provider space is crowded, EmailDirect continues to be a compelling choice for organizations that need a robust feature set and expert consultation/support.
  • – The world’s largest portfolio of niche career communities, providing access to thousands of top-tier industry and local web sites.
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Doing Interviews at Ad:Tech in New York City

We’ve had a great response to the 70+ interviews we conducted at CES in January with everyone from the CEO of Blockbuster through the CEOs of dozens of brand-new product companies.  Combine that with requests from those of us who work at businesses who need a lift to their bottom-line, and we think we’ve got a great solution.

So… we’re going to New York to get some more live on-site interviews with industry leaders at ad:tech!

We’re planning on putting together a series of interviews bundled with our regular shows to help businesses get back on their feet using modern Advertising and Marketing!  What is the technology in use today for Advertising and Marketing, everything from broadcasting through direct-mail and doing-it-yourself through hiring an agency.  What can business owners/managers use/do to help promote their businesses in this increasingly cluttered and busy world?

This should be a fun series that we’ll be sure to post on our podcast site!

Drop us a note if you have any feedback, and thanks for reading/listening!

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Anything You’d Like to Know About Online Marketing?

Search Engine Strategies Logo
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We’ve been working on some shows to bring everyone up-to-date on how online marketing works.  We’re planning on covering everything from building web sites and email lists through how to conduct business online.

The economy’s tough, so we’re looking for ways to help our listeners improve their current business or start a new one.  Send us a note and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you with your current or future online business.

We’re planning on attending Search Engine Strategies in New York City next week.  It looks like a great show covering soup-to-nuts on how you can get better rankings online.  Let us know if there’s someone we should talk to there, or follow-up with.  You can contact us by posting a comment to this article or via email to producer at my website,

From their home page:

“Connect with your Customers – Learn How to Use All Dimensions of Search

“Approximately 5,000 marketers and search engine optimization professionals attend SES New York each year to network and learn about topics such as PPC management, keyword research, SEO, social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues, video optimization, site optimization, usability and more.

“SES New York will be packed with 70+ sessions, multiple keynotes, 100+ exhibitors, networking events and parties.”

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They Affect Your Life, Now You Can Ask Them a Question

Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Dell, IBM, Pansonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, HP

If you could ask the CEOs and other execs of any of the Major Consumer Electronics Companies anything, what would it be?   Are you interested in their products, the direction of their industry, what pets they have, what?

This is your chance to ask them questions, an opportunity that may never happen again.  From Product Direction through Marketing, Sales and Distribution and even personal questions, they’re all fair game and this is your chance.

Since you’re following me, you probably already know that I’ve interviewed the top people at every major Consumer Electronics firm in the world.  I’ve interviewed more than 5,000 CEOs, CTOs and Marketing Officers over my past 535+ ClearChannel Radio shows in the Boston Market.

Next week, I’m going to be out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and I’m going to be recording interviews, dozens of them.  I’ll be there with my official media credentials and recording equipment asking questions and putting together more radio shows.

Now, here’s the important part for you:  For the first time ever, I’m going to be asking them some of your questions.  I’ve never made this offer before, and I’m a little reluctant to do it — after all, we’ve all heard some people ask some pretty silly questions…  But I’m willing to give it a try.

I’m going to be using my Twitter account (@CraigPeterson) to post basic information about each guest I’m interviewing as it happens.  If you have a question for them (or for anyone), just go ahead and subscribe to my Tweets and reply when you see something interesting.  It’s that simple.

I’ll take the (reasonable) questions, ask them to the executives, record the interviews, tweet back and post the answers on my web site (  This will let you be part of the action on the floor of the largest conference and convention in the world!  Check it out at

Don’t forget to follow my Tweets at and let me know what you think. Another milestone for social media.

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I’m Looking for a Part-Time Entrepreneur’s Administrative Assistant

[Craig Peterson here again.  I posted this on oDesk, and thought I’d add it to my blog…]

Looking for a part-time/as-needed Administrative Assistant with solid small-business experience in a position that may grow into a full-time slot.

Must be an almost-native English speaker, have a positive, get-things-done attitude with a strong goal orientation and the ability to take initiative. Must be able to work primarily in the US Eastern (EST/EDT) TimeZone.

The selected candidate will be working with a business consultant who has a number of clients in different industries, and therefore must have a broad-based background.

This person will be working with a fairly unorganized team and will help provide some direction by being involved with the goal setting and performing follow-up functions with the various team members. All of the people the candidate will be working with are small business people whose responsibilities range from marketing and sales through finance and acquisitions all the way through technical people to implement various technologies.

It is extremely important that the candidate have the ability to achieve stated goals and overcome obstacles. Completing tasks independently with little hand-holding to get the job done is an absolute pre-requisite. Hand-holding is the last thing any of us have time to do, so a good entrepreneurial attitude coupled with understanding of small start-up stage business is a must.

As a consultant, change is our only constant as we set direction with at least three different companies and projects simultaneously.

Keeping up with the pace of change is critical and potential candidates must demonstrate a high degree of flexibility. Candidates must be capable of meeting the challenge of changing tasks and priorities. They must also be able multi-taskers who are comfortable with ambiguity, particularly since the full details of a project aren’t initially available, and will be changing over time.

Finally, the best candidate can demonstrate that they regularly take the initiative, going above and beyond the minimum requirements of the tasks. They must have a proven record of exemplary work.

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