Goodbye Atlantis, Hello SpaceX?

Texas Tech alumnus Rick Husband was the final ...

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It’s the end of a 30-year run with NASA retiring the space shuttle program.  I remember it all, and always wanted to head to the Cape to see a lift-off of one of our magnificent space shuttles, but now that’ll never happen.

What’s next?

We’ve talked with senior management at SpaceX before, and it looks like it may end up being a winner in the next space race. Continue reading

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50th Anniversary of First US Man-in-Space

Alan Shepard in capsule aboard Freedom 7 befor...

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Fifty years to the moment, Derry New Hampshire‘s Alan Shepard rocketed away, more than 100 Project Mercury workers joined former astronauts and NASA leaders at the original Redstone launch pad Thursday to celebrate the event that opened space travel to Americans.  USA Today Article.

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Countdown begins for shuttle Atlantis’ last flight

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. – After sunset, Spa...
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It’s a sad day when we’re only looking at three more shuttle flights.  From here on out for the next few years at least, the US is going to be relying on Russia and China heavily for its space program.  A terrible waste here in the US, and cutting a program so thoroughly as Washington is now doing will cost us decades of advance in space.  Not such a great idea…

Countdown begins for shuttle Atlantis’ last flight –

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