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Tap Into Free Internet Access Via Google! (Humor)

It’s been brewing a long time, but finally Google has released what may be the biggest hack in computer networking ever! Google’s new TiSP service is available in most major municipalities throughout the US and Canada, and provides unprecedented access to your municipality’s underground Internet access.

TiSP Kit

Google’s kit (shown on the right) provides everything you need to tap into this fiber-optic underground free network. Visit Google’s TiSP page for more information.

Laser Wrinkle Treatment You Can Do Yourself That Actually Works!

Marc Maisel, Founder, VP of Light Dimensions, maker of the RejuvaWand joins Craig to discuss how we can take charge of our skin and lessen the effects of time with advanced technology.

What is the RejuvaWand™ Skincare System? How does it work?

The RejuvaWand™ Skincare System is the first home-use, light-based skincare system to use both red and infrared light to reduce the signs of aging. The restorative red and infrared light that emits from the wand penetrates the skin’s surface and stimulates new cell production and blood flow. Restorative light therapy helps to reverse the signs of aging and leads to a healthy and younger looking appearance, proponents say. The RejuvaWand also went through rigorous clinical tests and is “the nexus of skincare, healthcare and technology.”

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Extreme Makeovers Aren’t Just For Hollywood Anymore

Eve Michaels of Eve joins Craig to discuss how everyone can have their “WOW” no matter what their age and when you get your body, mind and spirit in sync, you’ll find your WOW! again.

As more and more people are searching for their own “Extreme Makeover”, they are realizing they need a guide. Eve Michaels is a makeover professional who addresses every aspect of a person’s makeover – from fashion, to ettiquette, to surgery if needed. She guides people through the process of not just an “extreme makeover” but a life makeover helping her clients to be their very best.

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Give Yourself a Facelift While You’re Driving in Your Car – Safe, Effective and Fun

carole maggioOnly in Boston would you combine driving your car and a face lift. That’s he growing trend of those who are trying to turn back the hands of time without surgery by doing “Facercise” in their cars and homes. Scrunching eye brows, doing nose lifts and power lip puckers are but a few of the exercises that one can follow along on their CD or DVD.

Carole Maggio, CEO of Facercise joins Craig to discuss her synergistic series of facial exercises and how they can keep you looking young longer without surgery.

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