Monthly Archives: May 2007

Microsoft Catching Up With Tom Cruise Using “The Surface”

Tom Cruise still has one up on Microsoft, well at least Chief John Anderton does. The actor that shot himself in the foot again and again is also well known for using an in-air computer interface in the movie Minority Report. This futuristic magic, where a user can just move their hands around and things happen, is starting to become a reality.

Microsoft just this week announced a whole new user interface know as “The Surface”. This new 30 inch touch-sensitive table is topped by a computer screen whose surface Continue reading

Chewing Gum Will Help You Lose Weight!

Molly Gee from Wrigley (yes, the gum company) joins Craig to discuss a weight loss method you might not have considered: Chewing gum! Yes, it can help you Continue reading

Diets Always Fail — How to Make Yours Work!

As the founder of one of the largest cardiology practices in Florida, Dr. Steven Schnur saw many of his patients hop from one fad diet to another – and fail every time, Continue reading

Finally, The Web Can Help You Lose Weight!

Jennifer May the Manager of Nutrition Services at Dietwatch joins Craig to discuss how using a tool such as Dietwatch enables you to be more successful Continue reading