Tech Gift Interviews Available Online

  • LISTEN – Gift Giving Show intro and Comment and Review on Tech in the News. This week: What technology does your Candidate feel he/she can’t live without and Manhunt2 (BIG Warning about giving this as a gift this year) and other last minute gifts.
  • LISTEN – Show wrap-up and Comment and Review on Tech in the News. This week cell phones and computers.
  • LISTENDarren Ward from Planon makers of the Docupen joins Craig to discuss the docupen and how it would make a great gift for the “Road Warrior or Student in your life.
  • LISTEN – Phillipe Schwartz from OoVoo joins Craig to discuss how you can share Christmas morning with your families that are far way with their free video conferencing tool.
  • LISTEN – Eric Brown from Impact Games joins Craig to discuss their game called “Peacemaker” that allows you to try to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • LISTEN – Nick Chernoff the Boston District Manager for Radio Shack joins Craig to discuss some of the 7200 tech products they have for you this Holiday gift giving season.
  • LISTEN – Robert Pederson from Zagg Industries joins Craig to talk about how they have taken some military grade technology to make a product that will improve your life. Their product the Invisibleshield will protect all your handheld devices from wear and tear.
  • LISTEN – Dr. Marion Somers joins Craig to discuss how to pick the best Technology for Grandpa and Grandma.
  • LISTEN – Christopher Celeste from Playway Digital joins Craig to talk about their portable Audio Books and how they make great gifts.
  • LISTEN – Ben Patterson the Gadget Hound from Yahoo Tech joins Craig to discuss what Technology you want to get for Christmas and what Technology you should avoid.
  • LISTEN – Les Jickling from Absolute Software joins Craig to discuss the problems of related to Laptop Theft and how they can help you prevent it.
  • LISTEN – Steven Ostrowski from the Computing Technology Industry Association joins Craig to discuss a Survey they conducted that revealed what the top 5 Technology gifts for this holiday season are.

Gifts and Tools for the Holidays

This weekend’s show is full of great information for gift givers — Christmas or otherwise. Check it out on the Tech Talk With Craig Peterson website. Guests include:

  • Darren Ward from Planon who talks about about their DocuPen RC800 full-page color scanner for students, attorneys and business people (and even wine enthusiasts).Planon DocuPen Pen Scanner - DPEN-RC800Planon DocuPen Pen Scanner – DPEN-RC800
  • Phillipe Schwartz the CEO of OoVoo — a free online tool to video conference your family Christmas morning or any time.PeaceMaker: Play the News. Solve the Puzzle. (Mac or PC)
  • Eric Brown the CEO of ImpactGames, the maker of an inexpensive PC-based game call Peace Maker designed to help kids or adults better understand the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It’s quite cool and a great teaching aid. Even schools have started using it. PeaceMaker: Play the News. Solve the Puzzle. (Mac or PC)
  • Nick Chernoff the Boston District Manager for Radio Shack. There are lots of last-minute gifts available for everyone on your list.
  • Robert Pederson the CEO of Zagg Industries about their InvisibleShield product line. This is a very useful covering for your cell phone, iPod or any device with a screen, face or case you’d like to protect.invisibleSHIELD - iPod Video 30gb - Full Body Protector Coming out of military technology, these covers are top-notch! invisibleSHIELD – iPod Video 30gb – Full Body Protector
  • Dr. Marion Somers an eldercare expert about which Technologies your Parents or Grandparents would really enjoy. She’s also the author of an easy-to-read and use Elder Care Book called “Elder Care Made Easy“.
  • Christopher Celeste of Playaway Digital, a company that makes an innovative technology to allow people to listen to their favorite books without having to have or use an MP3 player, ripping CDs, etc.
  • Yahoo Techspert and Gadget Hound Ben Patterson and I talk about some of the best and some of the worst gifts for this year. Ben has written a few articles that I’ve quoted in the past, including naming Vista as one of the worst products… ever. I knew I liked this guy — he even has some good advise.
  • Les Jickling talks about their Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops which helps recover stolen laptops at a rate dozens of times better than the feds.
  • Steven Ostrowski from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) talks about their survey of members. What are the top 5 tech gifts for techies this year?

All-in-all, another great show to be broadcast on December 22nd, 2007.

LinkedIn — A great way to keep in touch with people

I’ve just updated my LinkedIn profile (view it here
). If you’ve never used this service before, you should give it a try. They provide a means for you to keep in touch with other people as well as to find recommendations of others from others. In other words (enough “others” in the last two sentences?), you can find people to hire, find jobs or get recommendations via a very large network.

I was reminded of how useful this network is by getting a notice from LinkedIn about an old friend I hadn’t heard from in a long time. I’d sent him an invite to the network, originally, years ago and he signed up. We hadn’t kept in touch until now. He’s got a new photo up and an update to what he’s doing. I also found another friend of mine who has made a huge career change. Kinda cool.

I even went so far as to update my profile online. Hope you have fun keeping in touch with LinkedIn!

By the way, they also use this information to sell to marketing companies who are looking for information about you — but in the years I’ve been on LinkedIn, I haven’t had any problems.