Al Gore’s Arrogance Continues to Cost Lives World-Wide

Norsk (riksmål/bokmål): Nobels fredspris-vinnerne Al Gore og Rajendra Pachauri (leder av FNs klimapanel) på Grand Hotel-balkongen, Oslo, 10. desember 2007.Image via Wikipedia

In an online conversation about subjects for future radio shows, a friend of mine said: “I like Al Gore‘s effort on climate.” I suppose he’s not wrong about liking Al Gore’s effort, but the results of his efforts are what really matter.

I’m not so confident about the positive effect of Global Warming policies. Not only does it look like global warming has reversed in the last 7 years, with a 0.7 degree C drop in the last year alone, but NASA scientists are now warning that we may be entering another mini-ice age. The culprit? The sun.

But I digress, back to Al Gore’s struggle for money, force and attention. He’s got the United States burning its food, and the UK has been fast on our footsteps. Our food prices have risen. For the first time in 250 years, we are a net importer of wheat. And the crisis isn’t just here in the US.

It has become evident recently that the US’s policies have been causing death and chaos around the world:

The typical “knee-jerk” reaction by the government to perceived problems always causes severe problems — in this case world-wide! It’s hurting the poorest the most. We’ve got to get over ourselves. The price and arrogance expressed by those who know better than everyone else, who are passing destructive laws and policies need to leave their ego at the door and start representing the people of this country and start considering global implications.

The United States, whose food prices have risen as much as 300% in some areas for some staples, can potentially afford Al Gore’s policies. However, the US is now competing with other country’s for the world’s food supplies, and other countries just can’t afford food

For the first time in history, the United States is now a net importer of wheat. That means we’re buying it on the open market and are starving people in the third world who can’t afford the new, higher prices. Even Singapore is affected:

A three decade high for food costs, and they’re continuing to going up.

Hundreds of years of technology has shown that we can never predict the next major change in technology. We didn’t predict steam power, diesel power, electric power, nuclear power, gasoline power or even wind power.

How can the government predict that Ethanol or Hydrogen is the correct solution? They can’t. Yet, they use our money and their guns to force us to do what they want us to do. Why?

Obviously for money, power and control.

Troy Dunn explains How you can Raise your Child to be a Millionaire — Step by Step

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His latest project is called Troy The Locator, was designed by Troy Dunn for the purpose of continuing his mission of “reuniting half the world with the other half”. and it will air on Women’s Entertainment Television. Interested in finding someone who you have lost contact with — they are still looking for 6 more contestants.

In 1990, Troy helped his own mother (who was adopted as a baby) locate her own biological family. That single event caused Troy and his then-partner to build an organization that did one thing- help people reunite with long lost friends and family members.

In the past 16 years, Troy and his team have assisted thousands of people worldwide in doing just that. In fact, it is estimated that over 300 million people have personally witnessed one of Troy’s reunions on national TV. Troy has personally appeared (many times) on virtually every network morning show and syndicated talk show in the U.S. plus TV guest appearances on shows on the BBC in the U.K.

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Additionally, while his constant TV work now keeps him from maintaining his private investigator license, he has contracted with a select group of his personal favorite investigators from all over the country to do the Pro Locates for visitors to These investigators have either been personally trained by Troy or have previously worked for Troy in a locating capacity.


Troy Dunn is a self-made millionaire. He is a successful businessman and public speaker, radio host, and writer on the subject of financial success and personal happiness. For his business venture dedicated to reuniting separated friends and family, Troy was considered for more than a decade one of the most frequently seen guest experts on national television. After thirteen years of building and running that company, Troy sold it for undisclosed millions, freeing him to focus on his passion for assisting other organizations. He now consults four corporate clients a year in motivating their own management teams in leadership, overcoming obstacles, team-building, and guerrilla marketing and in major media manipulation, strategy, and results. Troy married his high-school sweetheart, Jennifer, and together they are raising seven beautiful children.

Troy Dunn is no doubt familiar to you from his 14 years of national television appearances as “the reunion guy” on virtually every talk show on TV. He has made numerous guest appearances on Good Morning America, Regis & Kelly, 48 Hours, Sixty Minutes, and has even been interviewed by Barbara Walters! He is also the host of the new NBC reality show, “Extreme Reunion” where he will be making people’s dreams come true! (Watch your local listings)

For the past four years, Troy has been the host of the syndicated talk radio show, “The DunnDeal Show”, heard from coast to coast in 81 cities and Canada. He is retiring from radio to focus on his new television show but still makes over 30 guest radio appearances every month!

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Provide WiFi Internet Access In Your Own Car

Today our society has become both a notoriously car-centric and Internet lifestyle culture with more than 200 million cars on the road and millions of new WiFi enabled devices. [Listen to my interview with Autonet’s Co-Founder and Dynamic CEO, Sterling Pratz, here.]

With the Autonet Mobile Router, the in-car multimedia experience leaps forward, with wireless connectivityAutonet In-car Device that delivers high speed Internet to passengers in your car. No longer is content (DVDs, CDs, etc.) brought to the car, but instead entertainment is based on social media and interactive engagements (i.e. email, chat, games, Internet video).

With Autonet Mobile, every passenger can now harness the power and entertainment value of the internet within your car:

  • Connect Everyone in The Car to the Internet while you’re in motion and at the same time
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Sterling Pratz, CEO of Autonet Mobile, speaks about the latest technology available for cars and industry’s push toward Internet, GPS, etc in the car. At CES the company showcased their Autonet Mobile WiFi router which lets multiple passengers enjoy wireless broadband while in motion. They also announced an agreement with Delphi to explore new Internet based telematics and in-car entertainment products.

The Autonet Mobile Service:
The Autonet Mobile Service provides continuous connectivity for every passenger in the car. The Autonet Mobile WiFi router turns the car into a WiFi hotspot and is mounted in the car by the auto dealership – giving passengers immediate access to the Internet.

With the Autonet Mobile Service, the in-car multimedia experience leaps forward, with connectivity that delivers high speed Internet. No longer is content (DVDs, cds, etc.) brought to the car, but instead entertainment is based on social media and interactive engagements (i.e. email, chat, games, Internet video). The service is specifically designed for the in-car experience – users can chat, email, or play games without being dropped from the network, whether the car is on a city street, passing through a detour, in a tunnel, or anywhere else it needs to go.

Any WiFi-enabled laptop, handheld, mobile media player or video game console will work with the Autonet Mobile Service. And more than one device can be used at the same time so that multiple passengers can benefit from the connectivity at once.

How It Works:
The Autonet Mobile Service offers continuous connectivity through its patent-pending TRU Technology. The service has intelligent, dynamic automatic session management between high/low speed networks, which provides an even, reliable user experience. It is similar to a wireless hotspot, only on the go.

How to Buy the Autonet Mobile Service:
Autonet Mobile Service will be available for purchase at the Price Family automotive dealerships in Northern California.

Sterling Pratz
Co-founder and CEO

Sterling Pratz – A biography

With Autonet Mobile, Sterling Pratz has combined two of his passions: cars and technology. As a former professional race car driver he is intimately familiar with cars and the automotive market. His background provides unparalleled technical familiarity with cars, as well as relationships with some of the top car manufacturers, companies and driving clubs in the world. Pratz also held executive level positions with Xerox, INW and Computer Associates. As a co-founder and senior vice president with INW, he oversaw the creation of a branding initiative that launched the company in the U.S. market and contributed to its eventual sale to a large telecommunications company. Pratz holds a B.A. in business psychology from San Francisco State University.

The company identified a need: in-car entertainment systems based on the Internet. And, as a result, it is delivering the first service for the wireless car through the automotive after market. Overcoming technical and physical barriers, the company designed an in-car wireless Internet service that is easy to use, reliable, secure and fast.

The IRS Audits Everything Except Their Own Security

Internal Revenue ServiceImage via Wikipedia

Why is it that security problems keep coming up? Again and again, businesses as well as government agencies are having their systems breached and their data stolen. It’s truly an epidemic.

Now we have a report from the office of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration saying that the IRS does not adequately review the “audit trail” logs that can help identify questionable activity on the IRS computers and networks.

The Inspector General also found that hackers could even “gain full control of the IRS network” which could “wreck havoc on the economy and financial markets.”

Wonderful. Will government ever get this right? Nah!

Hannaford Bros. Co. Should Be Fired!

Hannaford Bros. CompanyImage via Wikipedia

It’s hard to believe that any company would be so foolish as to use rank amateurs to build and monitor their security systems. It would appear that Hannaford Bros. must have hired the best of the worst.

According to a report in the Boston Globe last week, 4.2 million credit and debit cards were stolen — and it was entirely avoidable. These numbers were stolen by malware which Hannaford had not detected.


I’ve built secure data systems for Banks, Credit Card Clearing Houses, Telephone Companies, Hospitals and Manufacturers.  I know these systems, and in this day and age the type of breech Hannaford experienced was completely predictable and avoidable.

To have credit and debit card information stolen as shoppers swiped their cards at checkout as the data was transmitted to the clearing houses for approval is inexcusable.