Tech Talk Podcast Downloads Passed the 3,000,000 Downloads Mark

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As of July 28th we passed the 3,000,000 podcast downloads mark, with 900,000 coming directly from my site!  That’s actual podcasts downloaded.  Amazing. My podcasts have become so popular that they are now being cached by the two biggest network bandwidth caching companies in the world — which means that the actual number of downloads is north of 3,000,000.  Wow!

Thanks to everyone who regularly listens to my podcasts and visits my web sites.  It’s quite an honor to be so well listened to!  (I still can’t believe it)

Make sure you drop me a note to let me know what you think of the radio show and my podcasts!  I’d love to hear from you.

Craig Peterson.

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Drink BPA free drinks on CamelBak water bottles

Discard your temporary P.E.T. bottles and use CamelBak reusable water bottles. Now you can drink safe and pure water with CamelBak.

CamelBak was the first water-bottle company to remove BPA*** from all its water bottles, offering consumers a worry-free option in plastic water bottles. This will help people stay healthy by allowing them a convenient way to consume plenty of water.

It is important to have adequate hydration during summer and during strenuous activities; the typical CamelBak user is attuned to this and the company seeks to meet their needs.

CamelBak will continue to focus on delivering the most innovative hydration products. Until last year, polycarbonate, of which BPA is an ingredient, was included in all CamelBak bottles. CamelBak opted to eliminate polycarbonate from its bottles in response to customer demand for BPA-free products, and as of April 2008 all of CamelBak water bottle products have been made BPA-free. CamelBak’s customers appreciate how the company anticipates their needs and respond quickly.

Reusable bottles are environmentally preferable to temporary plastic bottles. Temporary or disposable plastic water bottles (PET plastics) fill up landfills. CamelBak’s ‘Choose to Reuse’ program highlights this.

Here are some tips on Hydration. For more detailed information, access Hydration 101.

  1. Drink early and often
  2. Freeze some water in your reservoir
  3. Keep the water out of your drinking tube
  4. Replace your electrolytes
  5. Recognize the symptoms of heat illness and get out of the sun
  6. Always keep water with you to all day events

Also mentioned below are some guidelines for easy cleaning and maintaining CamelBak bottles. This will keep it germ free and can use any number of time.

  1. Fill reservoir with warm water and mild soap.
  2. Clean with Reservoir Brush and Delivery Tube Brush.
  3. Re-fill reservoir with 1 litre of water.
  4. Add one cleaning tabler.
  5. Shake reservoir until tablet is dissolved.
  6. Let stand 5 minutes
  7. Remove water from reservoir
  8. Rinse reservoir thoroughly
  9. Re-fill for drinking or dry completely before storage

By following these above disinfecting guidelines you can reduce common micro organisms and build up over 99.99%. In an emergency, you can also add a table spoon of bleach after Step 3. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

To know more about CamelBak products, click here.

***Polycarbonate contains a manmade chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), which leaches from the plastic at levels dramatically higher than previously thought. The chemical has been linked to breast and prostrate cancer, brain damage, and disruptions of the endocrine system. While there have been worries over BPA in water bottles for years, the evidence is now clear and compelling: You should ditch your polycarbonate bottles and use something free of BPA, such as stainless steel or a new, BPA-safe plastic called Tritan.

Dave Carr
Global Category Manager
CamelBak Products LLC

Dave Carr – A biography

Dave Carr is the Product Manager for the Bottle Category at CamelBak. He has been with the company for 3 years. Prior to holding this position, Dave was a senior engineer at CamelBak whose focus was on the full line of hydration products, including bottles and reservoirs. Dave comes from a previous position at San Diego-based Sola International Inc., a company that designs, manufactures and distributes a broad range of high-performance spectacle lenses.

Dave is a 1991 graduate of the Yale University School of Engineering and Applied Science, and lives in Napa, California. with his wife and daughter.

About CamelBak:

CamelBak has spent over a decade helping people to maximize their performance, comfort, and health by providing the highest quality drink delivery systems available. Originator of the hands-free hydration category, we focus on technically innovative, high-performance systems that fit your active lifestyle.

CamelBak is the originator and world leader in hands-free hydration system. The first CamelBak products proved to be very popular among mountain bikers and motocross riders, because it allowed them to drink without taking their hands off of the handlebars in technical terrain. The product began to cross over into other sports when scientific studies showed athletes drank more fluids and performed better when they were a CamelBak.

Since then, athletes from an ever-growing list of sports and activities use CamelBak hydration systems for their convenience and performance benefits. In addition to cycling, CamelBak has Hands-Free Hydration Systems for hiking, running, snowboarding and skiing. CamelBak’s state-of-the-art packs and hydration systems have benefited athletes, outdoors men and soldiers around the world.

While CamelBak has grown tremendously since the early days, one thing hasn’t changed. CamelBak still believes in the performance advantage that proper hydration delivers for just about any activity.

How To Make Real Money – Become a Published Author Using Free Software

Webby Awards

Are you fond of writing books?   Have you stored a lot of photos on your hard disk or CD / DVD?  Then, why don’t you start creating a book and sell it?

The free innovative software, BlurbBookSmart, from Blurb will do all the above for you — and help you sell your works when they’re done.

Blurb is a creative book publishing platform that enables anyone – photographers, bloggers, artists, writers, travelers, families, anyone – to produce quality books.  To start a Blurb book, simply visit and download Blurb’s free BookSmart software to your PC.  If you are using Mac or Windows, it doesn’t care.  It works on cross platform.

Blurb has created pre-defined layouts designed by designers, which will help you to create your own books. You can pick up any of the layouts designed by professional book designers and many tools to customize your book. It’s as easy as “dragging and dropping” your content into the layouts of your choice.

You can create books from any formats and insert images, edit texts and many more.  It has a good collections of font support and image library to manage images.  You can shoot your own images and import photos from your collection –  digital camcoder, CD / DVD or any other format.

You can create many types of books – Photobooks, Business Books, Wedding Books, Blog Books, Cook Book, etc.  If you are not familiar with book ideas, you can take help from blurb support or join Blub Forum.

Blurb offers four book sizes – 7×7”, 10×8”, 8×10” and 13×11”.  You can produce your book in softcover, hardcover with a dust jacket, or hardcover ImageWrap. ImageWrap is a brand new offering from Blurb that prints your cover image directly onto the front and back of the book, resulting in a sophisticated matte finish.

Blurb’s BookStore and online marketing tools let people share, market and sell their books, and keep 100% of the markup.

Blurb produced nearly 90,000 unique titles in 2007. Blurb was recently honored with a Webby Award for Best Services Website of 2008.

Self-published photography books are undergoing a renaissance with the democratization of publishing and this year.  Blurb is presenting photographyBookNow – an international Salon & Symposium series of events along with a photography book competition open to anyone who’d like to submit their self-published work.  The deadline to enter is July 14 and the grand prize is $25,000.   For more details, check out

If you are facebook member, you can use now use Blurb’s new GroupBook application to collaborate on a book project with your Facebook friends.  Initiate a project and invite your friends to contribute photos through the GroupBook application.  You can all view everyone else’s contributions…making it a fun bookmaking experience for the group.

Chad Jennings
VP, Product Design

Chad Jennings – A biography

Chad was one of the first members of the Blurb team and helped build the company’s user-friendly and professionally-designed BookSmart software.

Before being enticed into the world of books with Blurb, Chad was the face behind many an interface during his days at Method and SmartDesign, working with brands like Gucci, Macromedia, Reuters, HP, Samsung and Palm to give consumer products a friendly interface.

Blurb is a startup that allows anyone to create customized books (as in, a real, tangible book that you can hold).  Using the company’s BookSmart software (Mac and PC), users can create photo books, portfolios, business books, wedding books, blog books and more.  Books can either be created for self-use or shared, marketed and sold at cost or for profit in Blurb’s online bookstore. Blurb authors get to keep 100% of the book’s mark-up.

In October of 2007, the company introduced features that let users collaboratively create books and share photos.

Blurb initially launched in May of 2006 with a tool to turn your blog into a book. The service has since been expanded.   Many of Blurb’s competitors like Lulu and iUniverse tend to focus on creating books out of manuscripts, rather that photo-oriented books. Picaboo appears to be Blurb’s closest competitor.

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The Top Gadets for Summer and Travel

Artist's conception of GPS satellite in orbit

Which are the best new technology products from GPS to smartphone. iphones to UMPCs?  Brian Cooley at CNET was one of our top guests discussing which pieces of technology are going to help our Summers!

Brian is a technology expert and broadcast great reviews on latest gadgets and technology innovations happening in the world. He advices consumers about new and latest products through CNET Radio and CNET TV.

Here are some of the technology blended products, which you can purchase from CNET. You can either have hands on experience to get a feel of it or you could gift it to somebody.

GPS navigation devices are very popular and affordable this year. CNET has reviewed a quite a lot of GPS devices that can be useful for everyone who hates to ask for direction. For the directionally challenged, there is help. No longer do you have to listen to your companion belittle your abilities as a navigator or swallow your pride by admitting that you’re lost. Today’s in-car navigation devices are just the thing to keep you on track during your travels, and they’re ready for prime time. Some GPS devices have Text To Speech (TTS) built-in. Before making a decision check out the latest reviews and ratings of these devices. Some GPS / photo combo devices are starting to hit the market. CNET has prepared a GPS buying guide to discuss technology behind GPS and tell you what to look for when you’re ready to make the purchase.

Today’s smartphones are like Swiss Army knives of productivity: business apps, corporate e-mail, Wi-Fi and other wireless connectivity options, and–yes–entertainment features such as MP3 and video players. Why lug around a laptop when you can put all of its features in your pocket? What’s more, next-gen smartphones are hitting stores by the day. CNET’s smartphone headquarters, the one place to get all the info on all the latest and greatest phones. Stay up to date on all the latest smartphones with CNET full reviews, blogs, news stories, photo galleries, videos, and shopping advice. CNET talks about BlackBerry, iPhone, Treo, Nokia N95, HTC phones, the AT&T Tilt, and everything in between.

Smart phones are growing in popularity. These devices combine the power of a cell phone and a PDA into one unit, letting you make calls, send e-mails, and work on documents without having myriad gadgets. Several cell phones have high resolution cameras now, so you can truly leave your digital camera at home. Take a look at some of the latest and greatest smart phones on the market today and find out how they can help you in your daily life.

Some hi-tech cars now offer satellite TV via Sirius satellite radio / Backseat TV tuner if you’re in the market for a new car. These cars now offers GPS, dashboard videos, Bluetooth, ipod integration are some key features.

A new class of mini laptops, called UMPC’s, are making it a lot easier and cheaper to have a computer on the road. This lightweight and easy to carry ultra mobile PCs are really creating waves and consumers are now thinking of purchasing this low cost PCs. Check out the UMPCs at CNET.

Brian Cooley

Brian Cooley – A biography

Brian Cooley joined CNET in 1995 to launch CNET Radio. Today as Editor at large, he offer commentary about technology on television and radio from the CNET p.o.v. as well as contributing videos to CNET Car Tech and CNET TV.

His interests are Photography & darkroom, old cars, Ian Fleming’s novels & early 007 films, food & wine, 1970’s quad receivers.

Brain provides expertise and reviews latest devices and gadgets in the area of technology, computers, cars, etc.

He primarily use technology for getting things done. He’s not a sheer hobbyist; there are too many cool old cars, good wines and great meals out there to play with a computer all weekend.

CNET Networks builds media experiences based on the things people love most. As prime destinations for the information and entertainment people crave, CNET don’t just support lifestyles—they help define them. Across brands like CNET, GameSpot, BNET and CHOW, they deliver highly engaging editorial programming that combines original, independent and user-generated content. Their approach attracts people who thrive on being in the know, and who captivate others with their opinions and expertise. And CNET attract them in big numbers—over 145 million unique users a month.

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Digital TV will be here soon: $40 Coupons to Help Consumers With Transition

Braun HF 1, Germany, 1959

Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to eliminate good, old analog broadcast signals and has made it illegal as of February 17, 2009 onwards.  That means US consumers will receive quality digital channels from February 17, 2009, but you can’t get those signals without the right kind of TV or converter box.   There is an easy way for a fairly smooth transition — buy TV converter boxes and relax.

Here are some questions and answers for consumers pertaining to Digital TV, which will help smooth transition.

What is digital television transition?

On February 17, 2009, all full-powered television stations will begin broadcasting only in digital, as required by law.  To assist U.S. households with this historic transition, the National Telecommunication and Information Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, created the TV Converter Box Coupon Program to help Americans continue receiving over-the-air television after February 17, 2009.

Why is television going from analog broadcasting to digital?

The Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005 requires broadcasters to broadcast only in digital after February 17, 2009.  Digital television promises to provide a clearer picture and more programming options and will free up some of the nation’s airwaves for use by emergency responders.

What is the significance of the February 17, 2009 digital TV transition date?

If households receive television programs over-the-air using “rabbit ears” or a rooftop antenna, they must take action to continue using their analog TVs after February 17, 2009. Consumers have three options, which include:

  1. buying a converter box that will plug into their current analog TV. A converter box plugs into your TV and will keep it working after Feb. 17, 2009
  2. buying a TV with a digital tuner or
  3. connect to their analog TV to cable, satellite or other pay service.

How can the public obtain a $40 coupon toward purchasing an eligible converter box?

From now through March 31, 2009, all U.S. households are able to request, on a first-come, first-served basis, up to two, $40 coupons to help pay for the cost of a certified converter box.  Converter boxes are expected to cost between $40 and $70, however, it is a one-time cost with no monthly service charges. Coupons will expire 90 days after they are mailed and cannot be replaced.

For more information about the TV Converter Box Coupon Program, or to apply for coupons, visit or call toll free 1-888-388-2009 (1-888-DTV-2009). The hearing impaired may call the TTY number 1-877-530-2634 for information in English, and for information in Spanish, consumers can call TTY number 1-866-495-1161. Consumers can also request and submit a coupon application by mailing PO Box 2000, Portland, OR 97208 or by faxing 1-877-DTV-4ME2 (1-877-388-4632).

Where can the public buy a coupon-eligible converter?

Coupon-eligible converter boxes are only available at certified stores and online retailers where televisions and other consumer electronics are sold, as well as by mail-order. When the coupon is mailed to you, it will include an insert with a list of nearby, participating retailers. You can also go online at, enter your zip code, and locate participating retailers on a map.

What can the public do to plan for the transition?

Now is the time to identify whether any TV in your home is analog and receives over-the-air programming through “rabbit ears” or a rooftop antenna. Television viewers with these sets that are not connected to a pay TV service will need to take action before February 17, 2009, to ensure their TV sets continue to work. It is important to know your options and make sure your family, friends and neighbors are aware of whether they need to take action before the transition date. The important thing is that no one is left in the dark on February 17, 2009.

Todd Sedmak
Communications Director
NTIA– US Dept of Commerce

Todd Sedmak –  A biography

Todd Sedmak is the Communications Director at Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which oversees the TV Converter Box Coupon Program.  The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is the President’s principal adviser on telecommunications and information policy issues.

Sedmak promotes President Bush’s initiative on a new Spectrum Policy for the 21st Century, the transition from analog-to-digital television, public safety interoperability communication, broadband policy, and Internet governance.

He has more than 15 years of experience working for the US Department of Commerce, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, American University and U.S. Senator Don Nickles.

He graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s in journalism in 1989 and with a master’s in public communication from American University in 1996.  He and his family reside in Falls Church, Va.

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