Latest Wi-Fi gadgets (Wi-Fi = Hi-Fi)

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This year, you can give a lot of popular Wi-Fi enabled gifts like phones, mp3 players and digital cameras, to share something special.

Wi-Fi technology enables devices connect to other wireless devices at quick speed. This technology has been in place for quite sometime but surprising reality is that many are still learning about Wi-Fi and its blossoming capabilities – not just to access the Internet but it’s another way to connect with people around the world.

Digital cameras and even an SD card are sporting Wi-Fi devices which can transfer your photo’s, not just to your computer but your photo sharing sites and social network site like Flickr, Kodak Gallery and Facebook.

When you are buying Wi-Fi gifts users must look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED seal of approval. This will enable to connect to other devices. Also, check different standard such as 802.11a, 11b, 11g, 11n, etc. These standard will help you to connect to other devices. To know more about these standards, click here.

Veterans and even early adopters are hooked to Wi-Fi technology. Perhaps just like the introduction of the Tivo and DVR– those who’ve adopted them now find that it’s something they can’t live without.

Mobile phones like the iPhone are becoming dynamic Wi-Fi enabled devices that is will open your dad’s eyes to capabilities they were unaware of or perhaps only dreamed about. A cell phone is no longer just for making calls or sending text messages, now we are talking about devices that revolve around, capture and organize our lives via e-mail, web access, photos, gaming, video and more.

Wi-Fi alliance is a non-profit organization comprised of 300 member organizations, which develops Wi-Fi products and alliance certify these products. Already 4000 products have been certified so far.

Kelly Davis-Felner
Senior Manager
Wi-Fi Alliance

Kelly Davis-Felner- A biography

Kelly Davis-Felner is a Senior Manager for the Wi-Fi Alliance, where she works on new program development, strategic planning, market research, and communications. Before joining the Wi-Fi Alliance, Kelly enjoyed roles in consumer and business marketing, as well as in non-profit management. Kelly holds a BA from Loyola University of New Orleans, an MSW from Tulane University, and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global, non-profit industry association of more than 300 member companies devoted to promoting the growth of wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). With the aim of enhancing the user experience for wireless portable, mobile, and home entertainment devices, the Wi-Fi Alliance’s testing and certification programs help ensure the interoperability of WLAN products based on the IEEE 802.11 specification. Since the introduction of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification program in March 2000, more than 4,200 products have been designated as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™, encouraging the expanded use of Wi-Fi products and services across the consumer and enterprise markets.

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Read an Unlimited Number of Books at a Affordable Price

Here is an interesting opportunity for book lovers. Now, you don’t need to buy a book to read. Do you waste your precious time searching for books at library and book shop? With BookSwim you can stop these.

Just visit and search your favourite book and order. They will ship the book to you at your doorstep. You can read at your own pace at your home or vacation for a low monthly subscription. Not only this, if you find the book interesting, you can keep it by paying a discounted rate. So, what do you think about this interesting idea?

BookSwim offers gift cards for Father’s Day. Give your Dad total choice of what books he wants to read. BookSwim gift cards can be purchased with no minimum amount online. Monthly rental plans start at $14.99 for upwards of two books per month. BookSwim is offering a special Father’s Day promo code on its site that will provide $5 off a $30 gift card purchase (or higher) and $15 off a $90 (or higher) gift card purchase. The promo code is “FATHERSDAY1.”

About 20 million trees are cut down annually for virgin paper used in the production of books sold in the U.S. alone. Renting a book instead of purchasing means that less paper is consumed and, ultimately, fewer trees are cut down.

Below is BookSwim’s Rental Plans. Also, check out for other subscription plans such as yearly plans and gift membership.

$14.99/mo – 2 Books At-A-Time (return 2 at a time, hold 0)
$19.99/mo – 3 Books At-A-Time (return 2 at a time, hold 1)
$23.99/mo – 5 Books At-A-Time (return 3 at a time, hold 2)
$27.99/mo – 7 Books At-A-Time (return 3 at a time, hold 4)
$31.99/mo – 9 Books At-A-Time (return 3 at a time, hold 6)
$35.99/mo – 11 Books At-A-Time (return 4 at a time, hold 7)

Subscription includes fee shipping both ways. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. BookSwim will not charge and due dates and delays. You can opt for any of the three plans – yourself, an account, or gift membership.

During any given week, the average bestseller costs more than $20. Read three of these in a month and you’re spending over $60! What you’re paying for is the right to own the book.

If you fall in love with a book and want to keep it? No problem! You can pay for it online and then immediately receive another book from your list. It’s that easy! This is a unique feature of BookSwim.

So, happy reading with low cost ever.

George Burke
Co-Founder and CMO

George Burke – A biography

George got his start as lead web designer for the Aviation Department of the Port Authority of NY & NJ, charged with the maintenance of websites for John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty Int’l Airport. In addition to developing websites for Teterboro Airport and Downtown Manhattan Heliport, George developed and maintained an Air Cargo website. You can thank him for that time your luggage didn’t end up on the other side of the country.

He later utilized his web experience as the Director of Internet Marketing for online graphic design school, There, George developed his passion for search engine optimization, managing advertising accounts and developing new market initiatives.

Before co-founding BookSwim, George started the new media design company, Circular Orb, LLC, becoming a leader in the growing market of Artisan e-commerce. Under Circular Orb, he personally managed projects for over 40 of clients before selling the company in 2006.

George holds a BS in Information Technology, with a Multimedia Concentration, and a Minor in Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he spent many an evening reading at his local bookstore due to the utterly inequitable lack of girls on campus. An avid musician and songwriter, George brings his guitar to work every day.

About Bookswim:, is a Netflix for books, offering unlimited rentals per month on a monthly subscription plan. BookSwim is the first online book rental library club lending you paperbacks and hardcovers netflix-style directly to your house without the need to purchase! Whether it’s New Releases, Bestsellers, or Classics, they have got over 200,000 titles to choose from, with free shipping both ways! Read your books as long as you want. — no late fees! Even choose to purchase and keep the titles you love!

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Use Your Cell Phone to Manage Your New Home Heating and Air Conditioning System Remotely

Trane Inc.

Can you manage your airflow at home from your cell phone from a distance?  It’s now possible with Trane ComfortLink II Residential Communicating System.

Trane is the world leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions. Trane controls the comfort of the air for people in homes and many of the world’s largest and most famous commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Trane applies its expertise in environmental technology and energy conservation to make a difference in energy efficiency around the globe.

Trane has been catering cooling systems to residential homes besides commercial. Trane has developed a new communication system which can talk to one another. Most people are not aware what’s happening behind their home.

If you have the Trane ComfortLink II fully integrated, self-configuring system, then it will verify proper installation and maintain proper airflow calibration over the whole life of the system. Your Trane heating and cooling products are now started talking to one another about how to keep your family comfortable — whether they’re in the living room or thousands of miles away.

The Trane ComfortLink II Residential Communicating System represents a breakthrough in product design and efficiency. Advanced technology has been incorporated inside. Specific air conditioning and heating system products allows components to communicate with one another so that they’re always automatically configured and calibrated to your preferred settings, constantly troubleshooting to achieve utmost efficiency.

Special technology is built into specific Trane products, allowing them to “communicate” with each other. Consumers can receive the benefits of the Trane ComfortLink II by having a complete heating and cooling system that’s perfectly matched and designed for how and where they live.

The hallmark of the Trane ComfortLink II Residential Communicating System is very ease to set-up, install and service.

You can view more ComfortLink II products here.

Randy Scott
Vice President, Product Systems Management
Trane Residential Systems

Randy Scott – A biography

Randy Scott, Vice President, Product Systems Management for Trane Residential Systems, has an extensive career in sales, marketing and business development roles with the company. Randy has twenty four years of experience in the HVAC industry.

Randy recently led the successful commercialization of several industry exclusive products including Trane CleanEffects, XV95 gas furnace, XL16c packaged unit and most recently the ComfortLink II communicating system with Charge Assist.

Randy is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management with Honor.

Trane Inc. (NYSE: TT), previously named American Standard Companies Inc., provides systems and services that enhance the quality and comfort of the air in homes and buildings around the world. The company offers customers a broad range of energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; dehumidifying and air cleaning products; service and parts support; advanced building controls and financing solutions. Selling under both the Trane and American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning brand names, the company’s systems and services have leading positions in premium commercial, residential, institutional and industrial markets; a reputation for reliability, high quality and product innovation; and a powerful distribution network.

In 2006 the business generated annual revenues of approximately $6.8 billion with $4.9 billion coming from equipment systems and $1.9 billion from parts, services and solutions. Trane has more than 29,000 employees and 29 production facilities worldwide. For more information, visit

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Turn Your Kids’ iPods into Learning Machines!

Image representing IPhone as depicted in Crunc...

A revolutionary breakthrough from Modality and Raybook is revolutionizing the way kids and adults learn. They are providing technology which helps people learn on the move.

Modality is a technology company based in Durham, NC, making learning applications for iPods and iPhones. Modality work with publishers to take premium branded content (for example Brain Quest, Netter’s Anatomy, CliffsNotes, How to Grill) and put it on the iPod.

The modality platform combines text, photos, and sometimes audio and video into a single learning package for your iPod. What’s unique about the content is that it’s primarily visual, which makes for effective learning. People love podcasts and audiobooks, but they also recognize that people learn better when it presents in a visual manner.

It’s interactive and students learn valuable skills by reading step by step instruction, then watching a video. Students can also read an out-of-the way bistro in Paris, and then pinpoint it on a map.

Raybooks have a range of innovative, highly visual products including titles in elementary education, medical education, and consumer learning. Titles for clickwheel iPods are available at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid., and the forthcoming titles for the iPhone and iPod touch will be available from iTunes and from the forthcoming App Store, which will allow users to download content directly to their iPhone or iPod touch.

Raybook can frame the conversation based on the diversity of products moving from more core educational products to consumer learning.

Elementary (Brain Quest, Math Facts, U.S. Geography, Early Education, Telling Time). As all parents know, learning does not and should not stop when Memorial Day hits and students get out of school. Kids also need learning opportunities at home, in the car, when travelling. That’s the beauty of our products: because they’re on iPods and iPhones, children can learn whenever and wherever they want.

You’d be surprised how many young children have their own iPod, and I know that parents really want them to be able to use these devices for more than just listening to music. We’ve found that they have the capability to be amazing tools for learning as well. And even if children don’t have their own personal iPod, their parents often do. In the car or on a plane, parents can pass their iPods back to their kids and let the learning begin…

Whether it is a rainy day or long car ride to your vacation destination, the Raybook titles for iPod will keep kids sharp during the summer months. The elementary education titles offer kids a similar experience to traditional paper-based flash cards, but in a more portable and fun format. They deliver engaging educational content to a device that is already part of many students’ everyday entertainment, making it more enjoyable and reinforcing fundamental learning concepts when they’re not in school.

Raybooks have products for college and medical students. They also have consumer learning titles, particularly cooking, bartending, Travel, Outdoors, Arts and Crafts, titles (we can talk more here about Mr. Boston, Betty Crocker, How to Grill, 101 Margaritas).

Great for summer cocktail parties, BBQ’s, even just taking to the grocery store…

Bob Pleasants

Bob Pleasants – A biography

Bob Pleasants leads Modality’s education business development activities, including content selection, institutional sales, and partnerships. He participates in product design and QA to ensure the educational quality of each Raybook.

Bob is a former high school English teacher, coordinator of educational programs at Duke University, and anti-violence community educator. He has a BA in English, a Master’s in Teaching English, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When he’s not working, he’s running, cooking, or reading.

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