Camera Prices Down – New Features Make Great Gifts

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Most everyone has one of the newer, digital cameras.  In fact, almost all cell phones now-a-days have a high-resolution phone and video camera built into them.  So the question has grown — why buy a dedicated camera?

Let me start out by saying that there is only one great camera made today on planet earth.  The best camera is the one you have with you, which means that most of the time we’ll be taking pictures with that new smart phone.

But… if you know that you’re likely to be taking photos, you’re much better off with a dedicated camera.  You’ll get much better optics, better digitizing arrays and a variety of features that’ll make those photos look much better than anything you’re likely to get from your cell phone.

Here’s a good article from USA Today about some of the best deals on cameras today along with their features.  Makes me wish I was spending a few bucks on another camera this year…

Camera prices are down, and many have cool new features.

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Must-Have Protectors for Electronics – Special 55% Off Coupon Code

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It’s rare that I recommend something as a must-have, but this is one of those times.  If you are buying, or have recently bought, an electronic device such as a cell phone, iPod, iPad, MacBook Laptop or other electronic item you need to protect it now.

The manufacturer of ScreenGuardz and BodyGuardz have given Tech Talk Listeners a 55%-off Coupon for This Weekend Only! That’s better than their Black-Friday pricing!

During checkout from their website, use the Discount Code “TECHTALK” to get the 55% off!

Great stuff for a great price!  Thanks to NLU Products for making this offer to our listeners.

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The Technology Leaders in Monetizing Your Business

How would you like access to some of the best Advertising and Marketing minds in the world?  What if you could find out how you can improve your business’s profitability, or even start up a new business?  That’s what I did last week, and I’m going to share it with you.

I found some of the top talent in the Promotion, Advertising and Marketing industry at Ad:Tech in New York City about a week ago and I’ve got personal interviews all ready to go on-air.  In these one-on-one sessions, we talk about the techniques and technologies that are going to help businesses get their messages out, what’s happening with the new mobile platforms, what are the security risks and much more.  I’ll post more individualized information as we air the interviews.

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll hear from:

  • Pushpins – Grocery Coupons via iPhone
  • Gold Spot Media – Interactive rich media and video advertising solutions for mobile web and applications, and rapid app creation tools for smartphone, feature phone and mobile tablet platforms.
  • DSNR Media Group – Result-based internet & Mobile advertising solution provider
  • WinBuyer – The WinBuyer Shoppers Audience Network enables advertisers to create highly targeted campaigns that engage over 35 million unique US consumers per month while they are making purchase decisions.
  • Mediaspectrum – Manages advertising and content for the world’s largest media companies.
  • Mirror Image – Combines a patented global network with results-driven content delivery solutions to help customers deploy, monitor and refine online strategies.
  • Conduit – Provides web publishers with effective marketing methods for creating community among their customers/member/users.
  • Tech Media Network – The fastest growing publisher and digital content provider in the technology news sector.  Publishes,,, Newsarama, TechNewsDaily, Our Amazing Planet, Life’s Little Mysteries, MyHealthNewsDaily, BusinessNewsDaily, iPadNewsDaily, North Orion, SecurityNewsDaily, and Herman Street.
  • Acxiom – Helps to engage consumers at every interaction, avoiding wasted impressions, reaching just those that clients want, at the right moment and the right time.
  • Exent – Broadband-based monetization of PC and video games.
  • TeleNav, Inc. – They power turn-by-turn voice driven navigation that is delivered on mobile phones.
  • 2adpro – 2adpro is the leading provider of ad design and high-volume production services for clients requiring very fast turnaround.
  • Agendize – A one-stop-shop for plug-n-play “click-to-action” tools helping any advertiser convert traffic into online and offline conversations.
  • Ziplocal – A leader in providing an innovative source of information for local businesses and communities.
  • MGID Inc (Media Guide Internet Database) – A free service that allows any content driven site to advertise it’s original content and find more viewers.
  • Mob Partner/Amobee – Helps to monetize mobile media to facilitate the convergence between advertisers and publishers.
  • Evil Genius Designs, Inc. – A PepsiCo10 winner – combines social and interactive media, gaming and mobile technologies to create unique, engaging experiences for guests.
  • Experian Marketing Services – Experian Marketing Services delivers best-in-breed data, analytics and platforms into multiple regions around the globe.
  • SRDS – The “Google” of the media industry as over 95% of the US Ad agencies use our search engine to help them make an advertising decision.  Now providing information about mobile advertising.
  • Email Direct – While the Email Marketing Service Provider space is crowded, EmailDirect continues to be a compelling choice for organizations that need a robust feature set and expert consultation/support.
  • – The world’s largest portfolio of niche career communities, providing access to thousands of top-tier industry and local web sites.
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