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Host of Tech Talk with Craig Peterson – #1 radio show in the Boston Market, and with more than 20,000,000 downloads, and rated as the top tech show nationwide. Learn more about Craig and his interviews of the top industry insiders as he explains the technology secrets  that everyone needs to know.

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Police: International corporate espionage targeted local company

A Massachusetts surgical technology company was the target of an international corporate espionage attempt this week, local and authorities said. Dong Liu, 44, who is also known as Kevin, is accused of attempting to commit international corporate espionage, according...

Crime-as-a-Service Could Be the Next Big Threat to Your Business

Companies deal with a variety of risks to their business operations every single day, but there is a new threat originating in the Dark Web that they cannot afford to overlook: “crime-as-a-service,” or CaaS. Crime-as-a-service is when a professional criminal or group...

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