Bring Out the Hidden Talents in Your Kids This Summer

How do you know if your kids have a hidden inventive talent?  Do you have the skills and time to provide them with role models and develop them to cope with the dynamic future?

Here is a unique summer program for you kids, which will propel the inventive thinking in them. Michael Oister has had this mission for the last 17 years.

Image from Invent OrgThey offer an innovative summer camp, which offers various programs like Club Invention, Camp Invention, etc. Club Invention is an exciting out-of-school-time program where children learn through hands-on fun. Children in grades one through six are immersed in activity-oriented adventures that enhance their understanding of science, mathematics, history, and the arts – it’s learning disguised as FUN!

The camp focuses on reverse engineering, math skills and engineering solutions. The aim of this camp is to create a new problem solving skills; instill critical thinking and prepare them with technical skills so that they can cope with future changes. Creating role models in kids is a big challenge in today’s world and this program will create new mindsets and paradigm shifts in them.

Through this open, immersive environment, children can inspire themselves and others to drive a lifetime of positive change through their future professional work as great leaders and thinkers of the nation and world.

The weeklong program promotes creativity, imagination and leadership through activities and games that disguise learning as fun.

They have various clubs for different age groups. It starts from a day’s program to a week long program. The 5-day program conducts by local teachers at local schools. The programs are structured to allow an inventive spirit and promote a hands-on immersive learning environment for children entering first through sixth grade.

By working through curriculum challenges and activities in groups and individually, children gain self-confidence, begin to understand the dynamics of teamwork and discover that what may be the wrong answer to the challenge at hand could be the right answer for another activity.

Children are able to be hands-on without the pressure of memorization or time constraints, so they can explore and try new options, even if the solutions are all in their heads.

The program has been supported by the parent company, The National Inventors Hall of Fame and a yearly supporter in the United States Patent and Trademark Office that allow us provide our curriculum and our take on learning as an enriching and rewarding experience to children in communities across the nation, specifically in the New England and Boston-areas.

The curriculum focuses on math, science, and engineering principles, bringing them down to levels that children can understand and use to bring new perspectives to all areas of their life.

Many times, children and their parents will tell how much more they are excited and active at house and at school in these fields and how they plan to turn that excitement into future areas of interest or fields of study.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame, the parent company, has some of the best and brightest minds as its yearly class of inductees. With over 800 inductees’ work as inspiration, they strive to challenge children to do more than ever before not only in our program, but in the world around them.

The curriculum is all aligned with national and state standards and has strong roots in math, science, technology and engineering. The inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame have served as inspiration to make sure they enrich children’s lives each day.

The new dates of this camp is July and August. You can visit the site for more details.

Michael J. Oister

Michael J Oister – A biography:

Michael J. Oister is president and chief operating officer of Invent Now Kids Inc., a subsidiary of the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation based in Akron, Ohio. Oister is a founder and former president of Classic Sport Cos. of Denver.


The Camp Invention program is a hands-on, inquiry based learning opportunity, the Camp Invention program promotes science, math and technology principles on levels which our attendees can understand. Children entering first through sixth grade can attend this nationally-acclaimed program and leave discovering that an inventive spirit (our parent company is the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation), creativity and “no wrong answers” are a reality and can actually be a lot of fun. The program is a great supplement and enrichment to the traditional education structure of our public school system.

The Camp Invention program is a week-long program hosted in local communities and schools throughout the country. This summer, there will be more than 1,000 sites with 65,000 participants, with many programs running in the Boston-area.

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Sleep next to Animals – An aquatic adventure camp for kids

SeaWorld Orlando

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How adventurous are you? Have you ever played with marine animals and other animals? These camps are for people who love and care animals.

Explore the new adventure camps from SeaWorld. These camps are truly adventurous and kids will really enjoy when dolphins and other animals kiss them. Kids can really explore, discover and connect with marine animals.

SeaWorld offers various camps – residential camps, group camps, day camps, and sleepovers / overnight camps. To know about 2008 residential camps, visit here.

Some of the residential camps are Ocean Explorers, Career Camp, Advanced Career Camp, Coastal Career Discovery, Two Park Combo Camps and Group Camp. These camps are targeted for specific age groups. All residential campers will also get an opportunity to visit SeaWorld’s state-of-the-art rescue and rehabilitation facilities.

Ocean Explorers Camp is for 5-6 grades kids. They will discover SeaWorld’s marine animals through behind-the-scenes action and up-close animal encounters. They will be in the water and part of an out-of-this world experience.

Here are just some of the experiences of Ocean Explorers Camp:

  • Interact with dolphins
  • Snorkel in a shark cage in SeaWorld’s Shark Encounter.
  • Sleep next to beluga whales and manatees

Career Camp is for 7-9 grades kids. Kids will dive in and discover the rewards and adventure of working behind-the-scenes of this world-renowned zoological park. An amazing opportunity if kids have a passion for marine life.

Here are just some of the Career Camp experiences:

  • Learn about what it takes to train and work with animals
  • Swim with dolphin, snorkel through stingrays and tropical fish and interact with exotic birds at nearby Discovery Cove
  • Maintain and enrich animal exhibits
  • Talk with animal experts

Advanced Career Camp is for 10-12 grades kids. This camp will prepare kids for the limitless rewards and challenging responsibilities of a career working with animals. They work and play in the world’s most amazing classroom, and learn from SeaWorld’s most knowledgeable experts.

Here are just some of Advanced Career Camp experiences:

  • Learn about what it takes to care for and work with animals from animal experts
  • Enrich animal habitats
  • Swim with dolphins, snorkel through stingrays and tropical fish and interact with exotic birds at nearby Discovery Cove

Coastal Career Discovery Camp is for 10-12 grades kids. They will dive deep into zoological careers. Get hands-on experience with the distinctive ecology and careers of Central and Southern Florida, while spending time with marine life professionals. You’ll also get up-close to some of SeaWorld’s incredible animals.

Here are just some of Coastal Career experiences:

  • Swim with dolphins, snorkel through stingrays and tropical fish and interact with exotic birds at nearby Discovery Cove
  • Snorkel in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
  • Zip through the Everglades in an airboat
  • Snorkel in a shark cage
  • Canoe down a Florida waterway

Two-Park Camp is a unique concept where kids can enjoy both worlds. It’s a combination of Busch Gardens camp with a SeaWorld Orlando camp for twice the experience and limitless memories. Organizers provide transportation from park to park. For more details, click here.

Group camps will take learning about animals and the environment to the next level. This interactive, hands-on style of educating can’t be replicated in any classroom. Students will investigate and discover on their own—through visual, auditory, and tactile learning. For more details, click here.

Day Camps range from single-day programs to week-long, daytime adventures, and offered in summer, spring and fall. Day Camps promise a ton of fun for campers of all ages with quality educational experiences along with superior safety standards and low counselor-to-camper ratios.

Hands-on, up-close experiences with animals and the great outdoors make Day Camps unparalleled and truly unforgettable. Caring, well-trained counselors help ensure an action-packed week of laughing and learning for all.

Do you want to spend the night inside the park, next to animals? Then you can opt for sleepover camp. Whether it’s waking up next to polar bears, penguins or belugas or a moonlight tour on the Serengeti Plain, Sleepover campers experience the park at night — something very few can claim. Fun crafts and activities, and you’ll get a chance to make friends and memories for a lifetime. Families can also share the experience through special parent-child Sleepovers offered throughout the year.

If you are looking for a fun and educational overnight trip for your school or Scout troop? Create a strong group bond as you start a new year together or top off a great year. Show them how much fun learning can be and give them an experience they’ll remember forever. Offered year-round for grades 1-12, A group Sleepover at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens is a unique, up-close, encounter with amazing animals.

If you are looking for one unforgettable slumber party for your child? Or, maybe you’re vacationing and looking for a safe, special, and fun overnight group experience for your kids that will also give you and your spouse a night to yourselves.

About Adventure Camps:

SeaWorld / Busch Gardens Adventure Camps are designed for group field trip: educational, safe and secure, easy on the teacher to organize —and so cool that the students will remember it forever.
There aren’t many experiences better than camp for helping kids grow, forge lasting friendships, and discover their role in the world around them.

For nearly 25 years, SeaWorld had a proud tradition of providing safe, fun and educational camp experiences for kids of all ages—in the not-so-traditional setting of world-class theme parks. In the last 10 years, more than 250,000 youth have attended SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Day Camps, multi-night Resident Camps, and one-night Sleepovers.

Camps operate at SeaWorld parks in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio, and Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay. Group camps are multi-night, structured programs for grades 4 and up.

Home to more than 60,000 animals, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove care for the largest zoological collection in the world. For more than 40 years, we’ve been committed to animal care, wildlife conservation, education and research.

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