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Poisonous Tree Holds Bio-Fuel Promise

Jatropha curcas seed

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Jatropha curcas, a poisonous, semi-evergreen shrub that can grow as high as 20 feet, produces seeds laden with oil that backers say is an ideal biofuel.  It has already fared well in testing with airlines and trucking companies.

Jatropha can provide “environmentally responsible fuel without compromising the food supply, so we can help the Earth while helping the public,” said James Garton, president of the firm’s U.S. branch. “That means we can finally reverse the skyrocketing prices at the pump and dependence on traditional sources of oil.”

China Becomes the World’s Largest Energy Consumer in 2010

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China became the world’s largest energy consumer in 2010 overtaking the USA during a year which saw the rebound in the global economy drive consumption higher and at a rate not seen since the aftermath of the 1973 oil price shocks.

Demand for all forms of energy grew strongly in 2010 and increases in fossil fuel consumption suggest that global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy use rose at their fastest rate since 1969.
The growth in energy consumption was broad-based, with both mature OECD economies and non-OECD countries growing at above-average rates.

The figures come from today’s publication of the 60th annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy, the longest-running, consistent set of objective, global energy data used by business, academics, and governments to inform policy and decision making.

“There were both structural and cyclical factors at work,” said Bob Dudley, BP Chief Executive. “The cyclical factor is reflected in the fact that industrial production rebounded very sharply as the world recovered from the global downturn. Structurally, the increase reflects the continuing rapid economic growth in the developing world.

“I was in China a couple of weeks ago and I came away with a very clear sense of how rigorously China is thinking about these issues. Growth is by no means the only game in town. They want to maintain social cohesion and they want to make their growth more sustainable. In sum, they are worried about energy security and climate change – just as we are.”

To address these concerns, “we can look to the markets, policy tools, technology advances and not least to the growth of renewable energies to allay these worries,” said Dudley.

“This year, we have seen that the global energy markets are resilient. In the face of significant disruptions to the world’s energy system in Japan and Libya, demand continues to be satisfied. Markets work and markets work best when they are open and transparent.”

Ocean and Automotive Technology – Power From the Waves, Tides and Keeping Your Family Safe on the Road

A bit of a hoge-podge on this weekend’s show.  We’re covering a half dozen different Ocean-related technologies, some automotive technologies and a quick SEO interview. Continue reading

Electric and Hybrid Technology being Utilized in many Industries

John Giliberti runs a company with wide-reaching electric and hybrid automotive technology that is being utilized in many industries that cannot use standard automotive technology due to facility constraints, size or cost.  Their cost effective solutions have made them a leader in the electric vehicle industry for the past 22 years.  Later this year they will have the ability to replace the F550 and International trucks with our new larger units. These will be for operations that do not require travel over 50 mph such as small towns island operations and port and base operations.

Additionally, their Servace Alloy product is used by some of the most prestigious country clubs in the nation.  They are specialty small electric vehicles that brush and roll clay tennis courts and cause no noise pollution and cost only about seventy-five cents a night to charge.  They also build mini ambulances for use in production plants and large theme parks.  Due to their size they can be used in crowded areas where a full size unit cannot operate.

In 2009 they will introduce a new mini hybrid fire truck specifically designed for the forest industry.  They are the leader in the airline industry where they design an manufacture push back tractors, belt loaders, and high lifts on both their electric and hybrid chassis.

About John:

John graduated from Forest Hill High School in West Palm Beach, Florida and went right into running his own company. John’s company manufactures (and mainstreams) diesel-hybrid and electric vehicles. Their cars, trucks, etc. are pulling US Airways passenger jets on the tarmac at some of America’s busiest airports and are on the short list to save the U.S. military billions in fuel costs by supplying them with vehicles.

About Giliberti:

Giliberti is a research, development & manufacturing company for vehicles in the airline, golf, tennis, and emergency medical services (EMS) industries.

The quality of our vehicles is the highest priority for Giliberti. We work closely with our customers to insure our products are not only the finest built, but are also serve a variety of needs and purposes.

Giliberti’’s mission will always be to develop, design and manufacture efficient, affordable, and reliable electrically powered utility vehicles to meet our customers needs. We have never lost sight of this goal and keep it at the forefront of every project we undertake. Giliberti continues to be on the cutting edge by finding new opportunities to design and develop products to meet niche market needs.

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