Confidential Data Leaving on Workers Mobile Devices – Under-30-Year-Olds Don’t Care

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More than half of employees admit to storing, sharing and working on corporate documents on their personal devices-and this number is growing.

If you think your BYOD policy telling employees that they can’t put sensitive data on their personal smartphones, laptops and tablets is keeping your company safe, think again. Few office workers are actually aware of their company’s BYOD policy.

These are the alarming findings from a recent survey of 4,000 office workers in the United States and United Kingdom, conducted by market researcher Ipsos Mori and commissioned by cloud collaboration platform provider Huddle.

The survey found that 73 percent of respondents in the United States are downloading personal software and apps onto corporate-owned tablets.

Now for the kicker: The security problem is only going to get worse as millennials flood the workplace. That’s because millennials, especially on the younger side of the generation, don’t really care about security or the stress it causes the IT department; they just want BYOD without restrictions.

The survey calls 18- to 24-year-olds the “gourmet chefs of security breach,” because they play loose with corporate documents. That’s not good, given that millennials will make up the majority of your workforce by 2015, according to the U.S.

Looking for Guests for show on Mobile Device Evolution

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We’re looking for guests to interview via telephone Wednesday, September 26th, afternoon to fill ten slots on our technology-related radio show. We’ll be talking about:

Modern Mobile Device Evolution

We’re thinking about things like:

iPods changed the music industry. iPhones changed the phone industry even faster.

  • What has the growth of Smart handheld devices been?
  • How does it compare with past evolutions/revolutions?
  • Where is it going?
  • Android adoption has advanced at 4x rate of iPhone – where is it going?
  • How much room for growth is left?

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Educational Innovation and Mobile Learning Initiatives – Abilene Christian University

Bill Rankin the Director of Educational Innovation at Abilene Christian University joins Craig to discuss Mobile Learning Initiatives.

Listen Here.

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In a world of search engines, social networking, smartphones and converged mobile devices, students have access to more information than one could process in a lifetime, Abilene Christian University launched a mobile-learning initiative, Connected, in 2008. The initiative trains students to not merely consume these vast amounts of information, but to assess information, to synthesize thoughts, to generate new ideas, and to contribute meaningfully to conversations of global importance.