Technology’s Impact On Politics

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We are all aware of the fast pace at which technology moves. During ones lifetime we can name several technological changes at different points in our lives. At least every five years, if not closer, there are very notable changes in technology which help us to keep our personal time lines in order. Technology is probably the third most referenced subject when trying to recall a time or an event; right after music and movies. How many times have you said, “The time that I did…. was when…. (technological reference)”, associating memories in your life with the technology of that same time? Many of us do. Just as it is easy to recall a song or movie you so enjoyed, it is just as easy to recall a change in technology.

Technology enables and actually even promotes changes in every aspect of our lives. Through the years technology has changed what and how we eat by way of the microwave, how and where we work by way of the internet, how we educate our children, how we appreciate music, how we are entertained, how much free time we have, and even how we keep in touch with friends and family. (You gotta love those social arenas like facebook!) Sometimes these changes can be quite difficult and even expensive to keep up with for those who even try. Either way, these changes have definitely been noticeable.

However, are we just as aware of the changes in politics throughout the years? Though the political game may not change as quickly as the pace of change in the technological game; there are definitely some notable changes in each one’s lifetime as far as the political area as well. Have you noticed any changes in the way politics are handled during your time? Changes in campaigning, fund raising and so forth? You don’t really have to look hard to find them. If you concern yourself with political history at all, I’m sure you could list a few.

Though many people notice the quick advance of technology throughout the years, many may not notice how technological advances have tied into changes in the way politics have been run. Much like every other area in life, technology has enabled or even promoted advances in politics too. The most noticeable changes occurred during our most recent Presidential campaign no doubt, Obama vs. McCain. Can you name some of the dramatic advances in campaigning during this time? There were many to choose from. The 2008 campaign year absolutely stepped up the political game and no doubt changed the way politics will be run forever. Still, I’m sure there will be more advances yet to come as technology continues to develop.

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Don’t Mess with Politicians

After a hard working day we come home, ready to drop from fatigue, and fall hopelessly on your sofa in front of the TV. Mechanically you take the remote controller and check your nine hundred channels for news or something interesting to lift you up. On your favorite channel there is a news sequence and a good-looking woman explains the current situation. There is a strike somewhere in your neighborhood; you could hardly drive through the crowd. They want a wages raise or more suitable conditions or something else. Though your problems have to be the top priority for you, you still think about what is going on in your community. A crowd on the screen disappears and you see a clean-shaved face of some spokesman or politician commenting on the situation. His words are very considerate, carefully chosen and pleasant to hear, though his explanation of the problem is quite contradictory. Against your will you become involved in what he says, you almost believe him and ready to think of those on the streets as idiots, but another picture appears. Angry police tries to make people leave the street. Not as pleasant as the face of a spokesman. You turn the TV off and go to the kitchen to have a break and get your thoughts together. You just had a lesson of politics and obviously its ways are not to your taste.

Now we are quite satisfied with our lives and don’t think about anything else but our profit. Politics or dirty games, if it doesn’t harm you, why should be concerned? We peacefully sit in our rooms, order term paper and play with our children. But this is until elections come about. Then you forget about your custom term paper and go into the anxiety of what is going on. Your head almost explodes because of the amount of information. Every day you see debates and read interesting articles in different sources. You imagine the fortune that was spent on all of this and its meaning makes you forget about your duty in front of your country. As a concerned citizen you care about the leaders and political parties within power in your country. And you behave like a concerned citizen: read articles and brochures, study candidates’ biography and contributions, listen to their plans of campaigns and think: who will be the best. The truth is, none of them will meet your requirements, for not everything you hear is truth.

Power is a strong drug to get addicted to. This can probably be the most truthful statement that you hear during elections. To get power a person is ready to do almost anything to get it. Dirty games and black PR is a common thing. Blackmailing, cheating, overuse of the law happens on every step of the political career ladder. No one knows about dirty facts of one’s life until elections come. Once a politician comes out into a light, his voters can get to know everything about him, including the size of his bedroom. But again this is quite usual. And God prevent you from messing with one of the famous names. You won’t be able to look around when you’ll be left without property, family and hope for the better future. No matter how democratic elections are, you still can be sure that dirty games are involved. If you are still faithful to your leader that is very good, but sooner or later you’ll stop believing in nobility of his/her intentions and if after a series of tries to label your leader you still believe himHealth Fitness Articles, you must be a real patriot.

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The Technology Behind Politics

In New Hampshire, Politics is Sport — and we take it very seriously.

This week, we answer how technology is playing a part in our political landscape and how can we use that technology to help us participate and become better informed citizens as we elect leaders to represent our interests.

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Al Gore’s Arrogance Continues to Cost Lives World-Wide

Norsk (riksmål/bokmål): Nobels fredspris-vinnerne Al Gore og Rajendra Pachauri (leder av FNs klimapanel) på Grand Hotel-balkongen, Oslo, 10. desember 2007.Image via Wikipedia

In an online conversation about subjects for future radio shows, a friend of mine said: “I like Al Gore‘s effort on climate.” I suppose he’s not wrong about liking Al Gore’s effort, but the results of his efforts are what really matter.

I’m not so confident about the positive effect of Global Warming policies. Not only does it look like global warming has reversed in the last 7 years, with a 0.7 degree C drop in the last year alone, but NASA scientists are now warning that we may be entering another mini-ice age. The culprit? The sun.

But I digress, back to Al Gore’s struggle for money, force and attention. He’s got the United States burning its food, and the UK has been fast on our footsteps. Our food prices have risen. For the first time in 250 years, we are a net importer of wheat. And the crisis isn’t just here in the US.

It has become evident recently that the US’s policies have been causing death and chaos around the world:

The typical “knee-jerk” reaction by the government to perceived problems always causes severe problems — in this case world-wide! It’s hurting the poorest the most. We’ve got to get over ourselves. The price and arrogance expressed by those who know better than everyone else, who are passing destructive laws and policies need to leave their ego at the door and start representing the people of this country and start considering global implications.

The United States, whose food prices have risen as much as 300% in some areas for some staples, can potentially afford Al Gore’s policies. However, the US is now competing with other country’s for the world’s food supplies, and other countries just can’t afford food

For the first time in history, the United States is now a net importer of wheat. That means we’re buying it on the open market and are starving people in the third world who can’t afford the new, higher prices. Even Singapore is affected:

A three decade high for food costs, and they’re continuing to going up.

Hundreds of years of technology has shown that we can never predict the next major change in technology. We didn’t predict steam power, diesel power, electric power, nuclear power, gasoline power or even wind power.

How can the government predict that Ethanol or Hydrogen is the correct solution? They can’t. Yet, they use our money and their guns to force us to do what they want us to do. Why?

Obviously for money, power and control.