Use Infographics to Drive Solid Leads


When it comes to infographics, you may find yourself scratching your head at the many conflicting claims out there from the marketers that be. “Infographics are dead,” they say, but you must have a content strategy to survive. “Infographics are dead,” they say, but Facebookand Google+ are putting more and more emphasis on visual content.

For thousands of years, people have been creating “infographics.” From cave paintings to Egyptian hieroglyphics, visual representations of information (events, ideas, stories, etc.) have existed since the dawn of humanity.

Innovators of the 18th and 19th centuries, such as William Playfair and Florence Nightingale, began using charts, graphs and histograms to make things happen and influence change. As a content medium for online marketers, the modern infographic rose to popularity in 2009 and has continued to grow ever since. Today’s infographics are analogous to the posters you used to hang on the walls of your dorm room and college apartment — the ones with “Beers of the World” and “Ultimate Party Schools.”

Given the right content for an audience and a solid long-term marketing plan in place for the distribution of the piece, infographics can certainly generate leads for your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber (history of toilets infographic!) or a lawyer (history of toilet related lawsuits infographic!), there is always a way to visually transmit information pertinent to your business. And, the current generation of Internet addicts gobble infographics up like candy.

So, long live the infographic! Take a stab at creating a piece worthy of social sharing and you may even generate some new business along with your backlinks.