New iPod/Computer Speakers First to Use Bi-Amp Technology

Just interviewed Don Inmon, the Director of Personal Audio for Klipsch.  Craig Peterson here again. For those who haven’t listened to the radio show religiously… I’m a great fan of top-notch audio technology, and Klipsch has done it again.

If you’re familiar with hi-fi, you’ve heard of bi-amp’ed speakers.  I’ve got bi-amp’ed speakers in my studio and it’s the only way to get great quality sound.  Well, Klipsch has taken this technology all the way down to the $149.99 price point — quite amazing.  In fact, they’re the only bi-amped integrated iPod/iTouch/iPhone speakers in the world right now.

Looks like great speakers at a great price…

We gave away a set of their headphones last spring and they’ll probably be sending along some other speakers for give-away.

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