Bathroom Humor and High-End Executive Cars

Enough already with the Fart jokes! Said every father to his sons. I am not sure why boys get so much enjoyment from this topic, but now it is going a little far with the businessman Elon Musk adding a farting noise to the horn repertoire included in the latest release in the newest feature pack for the Tesla. Horns are a safety feature and have been part of vehicular safety since the first part of the 20th century when cars started to become mainstream. They are used to warn people about hazards or let them know a vehicle is coming. If they are misused, they can be irritating, distracting, annoying, and dangerous. Unexpected or strange loud sounds can even cause undue stress and bring on an untimely cardiac event. The Tesla is an expensive car often selected by executives and engineers – they are not driven by teenage boys who would appreciate the unique horn sounds in the new feature pack. So, do I think that Elon Musk’s fart horn makes good business or safety sense? No, I don’t.  


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