Christmas Present for Craig

If you’re looking to get me a Christmas present this year, here are some of my favorite cars. They might set you back a couple of bucks, but what the heck? I’d like it ?

To start with, I like the BMW 650i convertible. They had it at the Boston Auto Show and I took some photos. BMW says: “Merging the refined style and fiery spirit of the legendary 6 Coupe with the open-air freedom of a convertible, thestunning 6 Series Convertible seizes the imagination as boldly as it captures the eye. A muscular 4.8-liter V-8 power plant delivers 360 horsepower and a riveting 5.6-second launch to 60 mph*. A choice of three 6-Speed transmissions and BMW’s Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) ensure dynamic performance and level cornering on even the tightest curves. With the top up, the convertible roof gracefully mirrors the pleasing proportions and aggressive lines of the Coupe. With a push of the button, the top comes down for the most rewarding and exuberant drive under the stars. The 6 Series Convertible. A new perspective on pleasure.” Wow!


My next favorite car is the Bentley GTC convertible. This car is a bit of a cross between German engineering and British racing history. Bentley has been well known over the years for its street racing prowess, and combining this UK platform with German engine and drive-train has made an incredible car!


Next up is another British car. This one is 100% British (well, as close as you can get in these days of multinational corporations and manufacturing). The Auston Martin DB9. Wow.

If you saw the recent James Bond Casino Royale movie, one of its features was this incredible car. Aston Martin has been well known for decades as one of the best on-road performance cars — and their dealers respect looky-loos, which makes it nice for people who can’t afford one yet (or whose friends/listeners haven’t chipped in enough yet).


According to the Aston Martin site:

DB9 is a thoroughbred sports car with GT levels of comfort and refinement. Its design philosophy is uncompromising and brings together everything that makes a sports car great with that unique Aston Martin character, borne out of craftsmanship and use of the finest quality materials.

“So what is it that makes a great sports car?

“Most cars are a series of compromises. The result is usually rational – even impressive on paper – but often bland and soulless in reality. Sports cars should be all about character and driver involvement. They need to look great, sound great and have power and performance to stir the soul..”

Boy, are they right!


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