Malware on Macs: Not as Bad as the Headlines Might Lead You to Believe


Apple designs their computers with a security-first mindset but that does not  mean that they are not able to be compromised by enterprising cybercriminals. Although, just like with all news — if it bleeds it leads there is usually more to the story when you dig deep.


Whenever Apple computers are in the new with an attack, malware or a virus it leads — why because it does not happen very often and when it does it usually is after a patch or update to fix the issue has been released.  Because the Apple architecture is security-first their platforms are not known to be vulnerable to traditional forms of malware. In fact, most of the vulnerabilities they have are to ad-ware or scareware. Currently, the most common adware is an app called NewTab and it spreads through fake sites.  Most malware that affects Apple devices is not a true virus as it can not be spread from machine to machine using a self-installation process. That is because Apple prohibits installation without direct user permission. Often these scam ware or scareware applications trick the user into giving it permission to install on their system.  Be aware and vigilant and only install apps that are available from Apple in their App Store or from trusted developers and you won’t have a problem with your Apple computer getting infected.