The Noose of Big Tech

No longer our friends and allies now, it’s official the tech giants are acting as the most powerful entities in the world. These tech giants have engulfed our freedom and are acting as controlling masters over our lives. We do what they say for fear of being kicked off the platform or punished by these overlords by having our opinions or speech censored. The Constitution be damned. They are our masters who control us when we don’t pass their politically correct litmus test. At times we find the information provided either convenient or creepy. We have recently become aware of how big tech uses their technology to monitor and manipulate us and it a good thing that we are aware of it now when we easily accepted it before. What we don’t know is that the problem is more significant than we may think. This pandemic revealed a lot about how big tech impacts manufacturing, retail, logistics, and even healthcare. We have allowed them to become all-powerful, but the time has come to take back our lives, freedom, and speech from our tech overlords.


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