Banks Cut Ties After Australian Title Valuation Company Breached

2019, Breaches, February

Who: LandMark White

# of Records: 100,000 customers

When it occurred: January 23, 2019

What Happened: A massive data breach at valuation company LandMark

White How it Happened: In a complex attack on LandMark White, 100,000 customers had personal information including property valuations, phone numbers, ​and dates of birth leaked in a data breach.

Outcome: An investigation is ongoing but we have found that the breach was isolated to a single system and exposed programming interface on one of our valuation platforms. The source of the disclosure has been closed, and that there is no ongoing suspicious activity across our network. However, National Australia Bank joins Commonwealth Bank and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group in suspending their use of valuation company LandMark White. LandMark White is one of the biggest valuation firms used by banks and lenders for services such as assessing mortgage applications. We can confirm that the disclosed data did not contain any loan application details, nor any financial or, importantly, identity documents. And there is no evidence of misuse of any personal information.

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