Crypto Brokerage Breached in Massive Data Hack

2019, Breaches, February

Who: Coinmama

# of Records: 450,000 Users

When it occurred: Prior to August 15, 2017

What Happened: Email addresses and hashed passwords” of users who registered on its platform before Aug. 5, 2017,​ have been posted on a dark web

How it Happened: The breach is reportedly part of a mammoth, multi-platform hack that affected 24 companies and a total of 747 million records — among them gaming, travel booking, and streaming sites.

Outcome: Coinmama says its response team is requiring all potentially affected users to reset their passwords upon login, as well as monitoring its array of systems for suspicious activity or unauthorized access. The platform says it is working to enhance its safeguards and track any external signals that the compromised data is being used. Coinmama requests all users to ensure their passwords are robust and unique, and to avoid opening emails or attachments from unknown senders or providing any personal data to any third party sites.