Hacker lists 127 Million Records for Sale on Dark Web

2019, Breaches, February

Who: Hacker Breaches Dozens of

Sites # of Records Affected: 127 Million

When it happened: February 15, 2019

What happened: A hacker who was selling details of nearly 620 million online accounts stolen from 16 popular websites has now put up a second batch of 127 million records originating from 8 other sites for sale on the dark web. The hacker also claimed that many targeted companies have probably no idea that they have been compromised and that their customers’ data have already been sold to multiple cyber criminal groups and individuals.

How it happened: In the first round, the hacker who goes by online alias “gnosticplayers” was selling details of 617 million accounts belonging to the following 16 compromised websites for less than $20,000 in Bitcoin on dark web marketplace Dream Market. The second round listed stolen data from 127 million accounts that belonged to the following 8 hacked websites, which was up for sale for $14,500 in bitcoin:

Outcome: Though some of the services are resetting users’ passwords after confirming its data was stolen, if you are a user of any of the above-listed services, you should consider changing your passwords in the event you re-used the same password across different websites.

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