Private Data Records Still Present at Closed Australian Disability Office

2019, Breaches, February

Who: Radius Disability Services

# of Accounts Breached:

When it happened: February 6, 2019

What happened: Disability Office Closed in 2016, not all records moved

How it happened: This week, records found strewn across the floor of the abandoned Radius Disability Services building. Documents dating back to 2012 recorded financial transactions related to the Tri-State Games were found including a dossier relating to one volunteer that contained a copy of their birth certificate, their driver’s license, a bank statement and an application for a police check. Records included Personally Identifiable Information, Client records, Financial Information, activity plans, an incident report, ​and risk management documents were found scattered on the carpeted floor. We assume it was an oversight on behalf of the administrators.

Outcome: The company’s liquidation is now being handled by PwC Australia, which last year acquired key partners and staff from PPB Advisory. PwC was under the assumption that there was no remaining property left in the facility. The property in question was sold at the end of 2018. This week the paperwork was discovered because the former Havlin Street Site had been broken into and trashed Damage to the front door made the building publicly accessible, and damage extended to almost every room.

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