Student Tax Data Lost in Mail Mishap between Third-Party Vendor and SLCC

2019, Breaches, January

Who: Salt Lake City Community College

# of Affected: 42,000

What was affected: Documents that deal with the 1098-T tax form used for getting educational tax credits for students was lost during the mailing process. The college uses a third-party vendor and and a secured cloud server to access the information. All information is then also backed up on a memory drive and sent to the college.

When it happened: February 13, 2019

How it happened: During that mailing process, the envelope containing that memory drive was damaged and the drive showed up missing. The memory drive with tax documents for the students somehow fell out of an envelope on its way from a contracted company to the college.

Outcome: Although the College is unsure what exactly happened to the drive or where it may be, they are confident that the students’ data that was lost cannot be used to steal any of their identities.

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