Florida Police Sergeant Data -Mined Police Database for Dates

2019, Breaches, March

Who: Bradenton Police Database

# of Accounts Breached: Over 150 records

What was affected: Personal information

When it happened: 2011-2018

How it happened: Former Bradenton police sergeant Leonel Marines was suspended for three days without pay in 2012, after the first time he was caught misusing police databases and his badge to target women for dates or to have sex with them, according to internal affairs records.
The pattern of abuse would continue for six years before another internal affairs investigation would fully reveal the scope of his abuse, which is now the subject of an FBI investigation, Police Chief Melanie Bevan said Thursday.
During those six years, Marines abused his access to information to target a minimum of 150 women for dates or to have sex with them, sometimes while on duty

Outcome: Marines, a 12-year veteran, resigned Oct. 30 amid the internal affairs investigation, which is concluded. The FBI is now investigating whether Marines violated federal laws.