Streamload Offers Online Personal Media Management

Patrick Harr the CEO of Streamload joins Craig to discuss how online personal media networks enable people to conveniently manage their entire media collection in one central location.

There is a wholesale shift to online services and we are seeing a strong need for a new platform to support this explosive demand. It needs to be a simple/transactional model. From a buy-it-now model to rent-on-demand.

Patrick and Craig discussed this a trend across-the-board and why the trend for online tools occurring.

The perceived value from a customer perspective for having all applications online as well as the end-user benefits.

Is SaaS a fad and what new businesses does he see emerging that will dominate this new area.

Does he see Streamload playing a part in this emerging trend and Why?

Patrick Harr
In February, Patrick Harr joined Streamload from Enterprise Partners Venture Capital where he served as entrepreneur-in-residence focusing on content, storage, and media services investments. His prior leadership roles include president and CEO of Preventsys Inc. and Vice President of Enterprise Products at McDATA Corp.

Streamload is a leading online storage services provider that enables people to easily access and share their growing digital media collections at home, from the office, or on-the-go.  Its users upload more than 750,000 files per day to the system, which currently stores over 8 billion files.

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