Businesses in Danger: Data Transfer between Cloud Apps

The cloud has been sold to businesses as an inexpensive alternative to having dedicated servers on-site but the big drawback is that you know longer have control of the data.  I constantly have to explain to businesses that “the cloud” is just the name for someone else’s computer. You do not control what goes on nor the security measures they take or do not take but you still are liable for any data that is lost, stolen or manipulated.  You have no control but have all the regulatory and fiduciary liability. Cybercriminals are creating sophisticated techniques aimed at cloud applications that can result in data exfiltration and loss. Most cloud providers are unable to secure the intricate data flows and block the multitude of ever-advancing cloud threats.  With almost 90% of businesses using at least one software-as-a-service cloud application daily, it is a huge target for the bad guys. The average enterprise uses 2400 distinct cloud services and apps — How can you possibly secure your data across that wide a landscape?

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