More Than Three-Quarters of US Businesses Are CyberAtttack Targets


Cybersecurity incidents are up! Hackers worldwide favorite target du jour are U.S. small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, for many, they have fallen back on the false idea they are too small to be a target and don’t have any data that would be of interest to hackers. Wrong and Wrong. Although you rarely read about these breaches in the news. Small and Medium businesses represent the largest share of all the targets. The answer lies in attitude and preparedness. Most small businesses don’t have the institutional knowledge to employ the type of cybersecurity professionals they need or can not afford to hire them. Cybercriminals are keenly aware of this, and so they zero in on them. Today’s businesses are increasingly adopting new technologies without a full understanding of the security risks that they impart. A single cyberattack can put small business damage their reputation or cause such a financial that they are forced to close their doors.

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