Downtown Womens Club Surveys Three Generations

Diane Danielson the CEO of joins Craig to discuss a survey they conducted in January 2006, of over 1,000 of their members about Technology and Online Networking.

In January 2006,, a women’s network and career website, surveyed 1,000+ business women across three generations to spot trends about technology and online networking. We then compared the responses from the three generations – Generation Y, Generation X and Baby Boomers – and found some startling differences between these groups.

Key Findings

When it came to networking online:
The main drivers for online networking are “time-management” issues.
Gen Ys are more likely to use online social networks for business.
When asked why they didn’t network online, nearly 1/3rd of the respondents put “don’t know how” as a reason.
Nearly 1/3rd of the respondents can’t be found on Google (or have never bothered to “ego-Google” themselves).
Gen Xers like their high-tech gadgets more than the other generations.
None of the generations are blogging or reading blogs with regularity for business purposes.
We found that Gen Ys showed a significant increase in the number of their moms who worked, and in the number of different sports they played growing up.

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Diane K. Danielson is the CEO of a career website and the creator of DWC Faces, social network for businesswomen ( In addition, Diane is the co-author of Table Talk: The Savvy Girl’s Alternative to Networking (2003); a blogger for the BostonWorks section of the Boston Globe; and is a contributing writer for PINK, a national women’s business magazine.

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