Hannaford Bros. Co. Should Be Fired!

It’s hard to believe that any company would be so foolish as to use rank amateurs to build and monitor their security systems. It would appear that Hannaford Bros. must have hired the best of the worst.

According to a report in the Boston Globe last week, 4.2 million credit and debit cards were stolen — and it was entirely avoidable. These numbers were stolen by malware which Hannaford had not detected.


I’ve built secure data systems for Banks, Credit Card Clearing Houses, Telephone Companies, Hospitals and Manufacturers.  I know these systems, and in this day and age the type of breech Hannaford experienced was completely predictable and avoidable.

To have credit and debit card information stolen as shoppers swiped their cards at checkout as the data was transmitted to the clearing houses for approval is inexcusable.

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