HyperMac: Extra Long Battery Life for Apple MacBooks, iPods and iPhones

Like most people I cruise the ‘net looking for cool, new products.  I found two that looked interesting over at HyperShop.com — an external battery that greatly extends the battery life of Mac Laptops, iPods and iPhones and an incredibly efficient and safe car/boat/airline/solar panel adapter.  I sent them a note to see if they’d send me an evaluation, and they sent me a HyperMac MBP-150, which I dutifully charged-up and tried out, as well as their HyperMac Pure DC Car Charger for Apple MacBook.

Wow.  What a lifechanger — something I’ve never said before, at least when it comes to a computer accessory.  Kids are another matter entirely ?  Definitely a lifechanger.

This external battery fits quite nicely into my briefcase and powers my MacBook Pro 15″ for more than 13 hours!  That means I can go a whole day of using my Laptop without ever having to plug it in.  I never have to worry about going to a meeting, working at Panera or watching the kids play sports.  I always have all the power I need.

I even have it powering my iPod, my cell phone (which I use for Internet access) and my Laptop at the same time.

As I said, a lifechanger.

From their website: “HyperMac is the ONLY external battery and car charger solution that works with ALL MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (supports dual voltage) [models]. Available in 4 different sizes (60~222Wh), the HyperMac battery also powers the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and all other USB devices.”

HyperMac even sells a very well-designed car adapter, which lets you run your Laptop off any standard 12V power source.  That means that you don’t have to use the external battery in your car, RV, boat, on some airplanes and even via Solar Cells!  I had bought the DC adapter that Apple sells, and this HyperMac adapter is the one Apple should be selling.

– Safer than power inverters as you aren’t running the voltage up to 110VAC, which can present a real health hazard
– Almost twice as efficient as inverters, it’s 92% efficient, saving you $$ in the long-run.
– Cleaner power signal important for high fidelity performance means fewer problems with your Laptop, iPhone/iPod or other accessories
– Half the size of any inverter and power adapter combinations

This small and highly-functional adapter is a true winner.


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