Martha Stewart Hopes to Make Money From Portals

Who says you can’t make money by launching a portal? Some marketing experts have bemoaned the portal web site style, used by Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others as being hard to make, hard to maintain and far too costly to be a money-making enterprise. But enter the diva of Lifestyle — Martha Stewart — and her brand new website. Analysts pontificate that herhundreds of videos and a truly devoted following will get her visitors — but a portal? How many people will go to Martha for all of their daily Internet needs?

My marketing research, of late, has shown that certain types of portals are very profitable. I’ve built portals for the likes of Verizon and Vivendi international and even built my own portal years ago, but it’s a tough road to hoe since you have to generate hundreds or thousands of pages of content.

Are you a Martha fan? Do you use portals? Let me know.


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