QR Codes That Will Save Lives and Google’s Artificial Intelligence Lead News and Review This Weekend

This weekend on Tech Talk With Craig Peterson, we’ll be discussing “Spring Cleaning” – how you can clean up your life and business to make things fast, easy and clean.  We’ll also be doing our usual review and comment on the news.

Mercedes New QR Codes 

By placing a sticker with the square, black and white pattern inside the fuel filler door and on the pillar ahead of the passenger side — two places Mercedes says aren’t generally damaged in crashes — a firefighter with the Jaws of Life in hand can scan the code with their smartphone or data-connected tablet and get a complete rescue sheet on their device before they start hacking away at the Benz. Read More.

Google Erects Fake Brain Using Graphics Chips

Google is just one of many companies that are now using GPUs for all sorts of tasks inside the modern data center. The London-based Shazam is using GPUs to help identify songs and artists that match your particular music tastes. Salesforce has installed GPUs to analyze information streaming across millions of Twitter feeds. Amazon has long offered a cloud service that provides instant GPU power to anyone who wants it. And a San Francisco startup called imgix now provides an GPU-based online service that lets virtually any website rejigger images as they’re served onto user PCs and mobile devices.  Read More.

Marissa Mayer is Turning Yahoo Back Into a Portal (and a good one at that)

Yahoo’s mission creep is a useful case study in why web companies like Google and Facebook continue to grow their functionality and why startups keep selling to the seemingly bloated leviathans, even though tech advances have made it cheaper and easier than ever for software companies and web services to go it alone, and despite the fact that consumers are migrating to highly specialized mobile apps.  Read More.

Verizon to Sell the HTC One

Many critics consider the HTC One to be the best Android phone on the market right now, but it’s only available on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile in the US. Verizon is the largest carrier in the country, so it would be a nice boost for the HTC to sell the One on the network.   Read More.

The Rise of Mobile, and the Irrelevance of Microsoft

Revered Apple analyst Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis is giving a presentation May 29 at the BookExpo America convention in New York.  It’s on the rise of mobile and what it means for the industry.