Keeping Windows Safe Means Patching, Patching, Patching and More Patching


Just when you thought that you were safe from worms, malware, etc. here come the cybercriminals again. If you can believe it, they are still targeting exploits for which the manufacturer has released patches. They are compromising 4500+ computers every day. Can you believe that after two years, there are still that many computers that remain unpatched? Another variant set its sights on small servers that still run Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 and infected 90,000 machines worldwide just in August 2019.  In 2017, the manufacturer released software patches that could stop both of these exploits. What can we learn from this? Patch Early, Patch Often, and don’t use older software versions if you are not going to keep undertaking a robust patch management program. If you do rely on legacy software, be sure that you are updating it with every security patch available and restricting any network access. Remember that reason that software gets updated is often to include modern cybersecurity protections.


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