Silverjet and its Carbon Neutral Program

Lawrence Hunt of Silverjet speaks with Craig about its Carbon Neutral anti global warming program. The program airs this weekend on WGIR 610 AM in the Boston Market from noon till three pm. Check out WGIR’s website for streaming audio.

Silverjet is a low-fare, exclusively business class British air service and the world’s first 100% carbon neutral airline.

The company works with The Edinburgh Center for Carbon Management (ECCM) to understand the total CO2e produced from flying their plane and associated ground handling.

Included in every Silverjet customer ticket is a mandatory carbon offset fee. That fee allows every customer to earn “Carbon Points” every time that they fly with Silverjet. Customers can then reinvest their earned Carbon Points into a variety of green projects, including:

New Zealand Gold Standard Wind Power Generation: This project aims to provide an alternative to non-sustainable power sources in New Zealand.

o Caribbean Energy Efficiency Program: This project reduces demand for energy in the tourism sector in Jamaica. Tourism is the biggest employer on the island and its on-going viability is critical to the local economy. By driving the takeup of energy efficient light bulbs in hotels, the amount of fossil fuel burned to generate electricity for the national grid is reduced.
o Coal Mine Methane Capture: This project captures methane from a disused coal mine in Pennsylvania. Methane is 21 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

All projects comply with The CarbonNeutral standard and are verified by independent scientists and monitored by third parties. This portfolio approach will neutralize the greenhouse gas effect of the Silverjet planes ton for ton. We estimate that approximately 132.3 tCO2e will be produced through a return journey and ground handling

Through its innovative program, Silverjet aims to be a pioneer for other business in the airline industry and overall business world to look to and better their own practices

In addition to ensuring that its planes are leaving no carbon footprint on the environment, Silverjet provides its customers with speed, comfort and value in their door-to-door experience.

o Speed: Arrive as late as thirty minutes prior to your departure—no ticket queues and fast-track security ensure passengers can spend as little time in the airport as possible
o Comfort: Award-winning 6’3’’ seats; private lounge in Newark; private terminal in Luton; customized meals and private entertainment systems in-flight all ensure the customer receives a personal experience like no other
o Value: Standard round-trip fares starting as low as $1798 make Silverjet the smart, economical and eco-friendly option for business class travel

About Lawrence:
Lawrence, who founded Silverjet Aviation Limited in 2004, has been involved with six start-up businesses since 1984, two as Chief Executive. These include Novell, a US technology business which listed on Nasdaq in 1987; BMS, a technology consulting partnership which was sold to Cap Gemini in 1992; Database Management Sciences Limited, which was sold to IBM in 1993; Rapid Travel Solutions Limited, which was sold to Telewest Communications plc in 2003; and Limited, of which Lawrence is currently a Non-Executive director.

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