Bad Cell Coverage No More!

Who hasn’t had trouble with cell phone reception?  There’s a new cell phone being developed that will also use your WiFi, but did you know that you can get your own “Micro Site” from the major carriers that will get rid of those dead zones in your home or office?

If you’ve got Verizonhere’s the inside scoop on the hardware from Tom’s Guide.  This device specifically provides a signal for your Verizon Wireless cell phone when there’s no signal at all.

Sprint/Nextel has a similar device with a different payment plan (what else is new?).  If you’ve got one or more Sprint phones and little or no signal, you can buy the Sprint Home Booster (Airwave) and plug it into your Internet connection.  It does a pretty decent signal for your phones.

When there’s a big storm, such as what we’ve recently seen in Haiti and in Indonesia, and the cell phone networks go down most people are out of luck.  Same problem when you’re in a remote area of any country, but if there’s Wifi available there’s a new cell phone being designed that provides the connectivity you need: Scientists develop mobile phone that doesn’t need reception.

If you’ve got a signal from your wireless provider, but it just isn’t strong enough there’s a generic solution you can use at your home.  There are quite a few of them out there, and here’s one that we found on that seems pretty good.