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  • CES 2016: Living In Digital Times

    CES 2016: Living In Digital Times

    Living in Digital Times (LIDT) produces a variety of showcases and conferences that look at new technology through the lens of solving real people’s problems. I sat down with Robin Raskin, the Founder and President of Living in Digital Times, to discuss what conferences they produced and the events that …Read More »

  • CES 2016: Smanos

    CES 2016: Smanos

    Your home is your castle and you want it comfortable and secure. At CES2016 I spoke with Brian Stark, the General Manager of Smanos in the United States. They offer the ultimate in wireless user smart home security in the world. However, they go farther than that with user-definable comfort …Read More »

  • CES 2016: Fizzics

    CES 2016: Fizzics

      Who doesn’t love an ice cold beer? While watching your favorite ball games, or just probably hanging out for a bar-b-cue picnic on weekends. A new product introduced by Philip Petracca, CEO of Fizzics, showcased how great beer can be awesome. Know more about Fizzics below. Keep listening to Craig Peterson’s …Read More »

  • CES 2016: Bartesian

    CES 2016: Bartesian

    Many of us like to entertain and when we want to serve drinks to our guest we tend to fall back on soda or beer. Why? It’s easy. Well at CES 2016 I found a company named Bartesian who makes a machine much like a keurig but for custom drinks. …Read More »

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