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Melissa Hoistion
Director of Marketing, Vivitar

Vivitar has been a household name for many years but this year they are definitely worth taking another long look at.

At CES2016 they have evolved into a true consumer electronics and technology company who not only sells lenses for SLR Cameras, digital cameras and accessories around the world but have introduced several new products.

I had a chance to sit down with Melissa Hoistion, their Director of Marketing, to discuss a new LED Bluetooth lightbulb, a Quadcopter drone and a 360 degree Camera.

I encourage you to check out all their offerings via their links below, and keep listening to Craig Peterson’s Tech Talk.




A Public Relations/Digital Marketing professional with experience in consumer electronics and technology marketing. Have lead the global PR account for Polaroid and digital accounts such as SkyMall and Falcon Safety at a leading New Jersey PR Agency. Provides strategic public relations counsel, global media relations, message development and branding, agency account management, budgeting, social media strategy, digital marketing and SEO services. Has a strong rolodex of top-tier contacts in consumer, tech, business and home and shelter media and the ability to leverage current news cycles to benefit my clients and their new products and services.

Sakar International, Inc. is a 33-year old consumer electronics manufacturer. In 2008 we acquired the Vivitar brand, which has been in business since 1938. Our mission has always been to deliver great product at affordable prices. Over the years we’ve grown into a leader in technology trends, with showrooms and distribution worldwide.

Our company has evolved alongside technology – from selling lenses for SLR cameras, to being the #1 supplier of digital cameras and accessories around the world.

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